Sunday, April 28, 2013

drama-free tortillas!

Honestly, weekend was so non-exciting.
Which I find to be extremely EXCITING!
The absence of drama and all things related to drama is always good for me.

But one really good thing that happened,
at least for the Littles...
I had a batch of tortilla dough that went horribly wrong.
So Lucy and Isaiah totally rose to the occasion!
They literally played with this dough for HOURS.

They had SO much fun!

Totally worth not having tortillas.

I suppose!

I'll make more later in the week.

I hope your weekend was wonderful and drama-free too!


Chris said...

What on earth went wrong w/ tortillas? Glad the kids made them worthwhile.
I still love that recipe.

Sally-Girl! said...

I think I will use up some old flour this way for the kids to play with next weekend!! Thanks for the motivation! But mine will play outside with their dough for hours!!! Vitamin D and fresh air is good for them!!!

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