Sunday, March 24, 2013

spring snowy-snow! {LOVE}

Listen, I'm as ready for spring as the next gal.
But I gotta tell ya,
I think we are fools if we don't bask in the beauty of what God has 
blanketed on us (again and again!).

I went outside to take care of my chickens and couldn't help but
have a smile plastered on my face.
Truly, it's a wintery masterpiece outside that only our 
Creator could have orchestrated.
Let's enjoy it!!!

Here's a pictorial of my trek:

My big ol' kitty-cat polar bear!
I wish I could have captured on video the fun he was having in the snow.
It was so hilarious.
He loves it so much! 

He chased the cats all around the yard, and up the snow-laden tree.

Sweet little Dino, up the tree!

Our property is well-guarded by this fella.
If you stop by for a visit, 
be ready for a hearty-hello from our FRIENDLY Kansas-Arctic canine!
(But don't be fooled, he'll take your arm off if you threaten any of his flock (the cats, chickens, and US!)

Thank you, Jesus, for the GORGEOUS snow, the moisture it brings,
and the way it slows us down to a family-friendly pace.


Susan A said...

love your polar bear! and yes, agree with you about our Lord's masterpiece :) praise His name ! :)

Karin said...

So beautiful! I love snowstorms. I was kinda hoping for yours to travel here, but it looks like we are just getting a few flurries.

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