Friday, March 29, 2013

redneck {trip to town!}

Hello, people!

I made it to the semi-big city today.
The Littles and I went to the doctor, the bank, and out to lunch with my mom and sister.
(Oh, and we went to Target.  And Isaiah begged me to buy him a tie for Easter.  And I did.)
(Though he has no dress shirt, nor any dress pants to wear it with.)
(His Easter ensemble should be interesting.)

And I'm pretty certain that I won the,
(What you can't see here is, all the cat paw prints ALL OVER the hood.)

I had redneck written all over me.

So be it!!!


Jean said...

Love the idea of a tie for Isaiah! And no dress shirt or pants! Be sure to take Easter pics!!

We are wearing last years outfits- too cold and too early to buy new AND to crazy to shop with this crew!

YEP... I know, I just made a rhyme!

Janet said...

Hello my award-winning friend.
It's almost 6pm and I have no idea what we are wearing tomorrow. We don't buy specifically for Easter.
Since it's been so cool, I haven't a clue! Jean isn't the only one who can rhyme=)

Tesseraemum said...

Can't wait to see the pics of tie-boy!

I dug a sparkly, frilly dress out of a bin for Audrey last night. Yea, I know worlds best mom, thank you. Only problem is she found a skirt combo that is about a size too small that she actually thought she was wearing. Olivia informed her she looked like white trash. Feeling the Easter love right about now. We are on our way to church now. Pray for me! Sheri

Karin said...

Yes, my dear, that is one dirty car! :) Get those teens to wash it for you. I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

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