Wednesday, March 6, 2013

life of the party [isaiah]

Isaiah is the life of every party.
And yesterday afternoon was no exception.

He had all the big kids throwing grapes into his mouth.
It was hysterical!

And would you look at that?
Do you see the grape in mid-air?
And can you believe that a fabulous photographer captured it?
(See the grape? Just above the shoulder in the blue shirt.)

Never ever a dull moment around here.


Karin said...

Fun on the farm... :) Can't see the grape but I believe you that it's there.

Joanne Reddell said...

OMGoodness!! That's one TALENTED fabulous photographer!!

Patty said...

Bahahaha! That is awesome. Next time use green grapes that way they will show up better! (I DO see it though!)

Tesseraemum said...

Can you even wrap your head around the special abilities this boy would have if Brenden were around 24/7?! Sheri

Susan A said...

Yes, I can see the grape. Now, that's a great photographer! :)

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