Saturday, March 9, 2013

spring break, round one

Oh my.
What a week we've had.
Brenden and friend were here for spring break.
Which meant that I have been on my toes, even more than usual.

Now I'm gearing up for spring break, round two, as Macy and Eli will be out of school
this next week.

But in the meantime,
here's a quick snapshot of the past week!

Dr. Isaiah gave Brenden a thorough exam.

Everything checked out just fine.

Isaiah also worked "hard" on his schoolwork while Brenden was home.

Brenden and Katie.

Nick and Sarah.

On Tuesday we celebrated Brenden's 20th birthday!
(Notice how Isaiah is mowing in Brenden's backyard? Hahaha!)

I made a cheesecake to celebrate.
(Wish I had taken a pic before I cut into it!)
So yummy!

It's been a really fun week!
(Although I've been sick for almost all of it. Blah!)

More pics of more kids coming soon!!

1 comment:

Mother's Heart said...

No time to be sick huh? Love your sweet family. Beautiful.

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