Tuesday, February 5, 2013

flat-irons, bees, and vile images (GAH!)

Do you have wonderful neighbors?

I do.

One of my neighbors came over today to buy eggs,
and to get a hair cut.
And to let me try out her fabulous flat iron.

Then, shortly after that, I ran down to my other neighbor's house
and she gave me a quick-lesson in all things bee-raising.

I'm all set, you guys.
Flat-irons and bees, I'm set.

But on a negative note, Kman came home from work today
with a fever, swollen glands, and a cough.
AND, with a stubborn-refusal to admit that he should stay home from work tomorrow.
He won't.
He will NOT do it, I guarantee.

So here I am, all hyped-up on bee info and no one to tell.

And unrelated to all that,
you won't believe what happened to me today.
I was on Pinterest and pinned a site that had some pantry organizational ideas.
Or so I thought.
MUCH to my horror, I clicked on the site that I pinned and
walked away from my computer as it slowly loaded.
AND....I came back to find that it was a P*RN site.
You guys, I nearly threw-UP.
What was on my screen, for all the world to see, AND MY KIDS
(though thankfully, they were nowhere near),
were vile images.
Dang it, Pinterest!!!!!!

SO going to rethink the whole pinning thing.  
Has this happened to any of YOU?

And no matter how hard I try to get dinner on the table by 5:30,
it never happens.

Between distractions and motivational limitations,
it just does NOT happen.

So really, since it's 5:26 PM as I post this,
I gotta go so I can hopefully get dinner on by 6:15, give or take.

Enjoy your Tuesday evening!!


Jessica said...

Lori, there is a way to report bad links on Pinterest. I haven't had it happen to me but I have gotten warnings when trying to open a link before. I would be so sad to give up my Pinterest account :) hope that helps...

Angie said...

You know bees and your hubby is sick? Feed him fresh honey! It does wonders for those nasty bugs!

Robin said...

Usually the bad links are just spammy. I don't think I've ever come across porn. I do click on all pins I want to repin though, just to be sure before I share them onward.

Hope hubby feels better soon. We're on the tail end of a nasty run of flu here ourselves, I've barely gotten out of bed for days (dang germ-infested kids and their snuggling).

Tesseraemum said...

Geesh! I always open the link before I pin it mostly to see if the info is really good but now I'll be watching for trouble.

quilt'n-mama said...

I am so behind in the tech world... no facebook, no pinterest... though I have looked at what others have pinned:)

Bee Keeping, I will admit, I am so jealous! My sister is also starting bees and my backyard homesteading books talks a lot about it as well. But we just don't have enough space and my hubby thinks that in reality I would be way too scared (I am allergic to bees) so he said "NO WAY!!!"SO maybe I can just buy honey from you some day:)

Patty said...

Oh girl, I don't know a thing about Pinterest....but maybe you accidentally typed in "panty organizational skills" instead of "pantRy"?? or you totally misread it?! I'm sort of cracking up thinking about that...but gah! I can only imagine the facial expressions THAT brought on! Ack!

Madeleine said...

I want to keep bees, I want to keep bees!!!

Of course, my husband will just look at me like I fell of the turnip truck. Again.

And we live oh...40 minutes from NYC suburbia. :P My RIGHT NEXT DOOR neighbors of whom I can see in their kitchen window because they are SO CLOSE, may not take kindly to it. They tolerate the chickens because we got a permit. :P They are actually nice people who think we are 7 kinds of crazy.

Ugh, I married a guy like that, too. He will go to work with a fever and fainting. Sheesh.

And yup, that happen to me once on pinterest, too. :( gag. I wanted to cry. AND throw up. And cry.

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