Wednesday, January 2, 2013

socialized groceries [let me explain!]

The last couple of years I've really tried to distance myself
from buying pre-packaged, processed foods.
Besides the fact that they are LOADED with God-only-knows-what,
they're often expensive.
Horribly expensive.

Although, sometimes they're NOT expensive, they're cheap.
Which means CHEAP and compromised ingredients.

And here's the other thing I was thinking about all that.
Go with me here for a minute, would you?

When we look at how a Socialized government is set up,
we see the government doing everything for its citizens.
They basically say, 
"Don't you just let US handle everything, we'll take good care of you." 
They make the decisions,
but the CITIZEN pays for it, in many ways.
In other words, THEY are in control, someone else's expense.
Like stupid little sheep, the people are lulled into a very false sense of security.
And are led astray, to their demise.
Reread history if you don't believe me.

So really, 
how is the grocery store and food manufacturers any different?
Okay, so it's not politically motivated,
it's all about the bottom line, THEIR bottom line.
So why would we willingly pay SO much extra for others to make
our nutritional decisions, only for the sake of convenience?
It's to our demise, in many ways.

Now let me just stop right here.
I don't want anyone freaking out, or think that I've freaked out.
I do realize that some of you gals don't have the option
to stay at home, but must work full-time.
I soooo get that.
Convenience is your best-friend on many nights when you're doing good just to keep
your eye-lids open, much less whip up a fully homemade gourmet meal,
that frozen dinner is awfully tempting.

But what I'd like to submit to you...and challenge ALL of us with is,
to at least start making little changes.  
Let's really stop and think as we are shopping, and tell ourselves,
"Okay, this pre-made pizza crust (for example) that I normally buy...if I plan ahead, I could
easily make a homemade pizza crust (and extras to stick in the freezer),
that will cost PENNIES...and will taste way better, not to mention the
nutritional benefits.

It DOES take effort, friends.
And extra time.
And planning ahead.
But I promise you, it's worth it.
And the more you do, the more and more you WANT to do.

So, what MY goal for the new year regarding my blog is,
is to come up with some easy changes we ALL
can make...getting us far from socialized grocery shopping!

"She watches over the affairs of her household and does
not eat of the bread of idleness."
Proverbs 31:27

We are smart women, let's start cooking like it!!


We'll start with some thing super easy that I've been doing for a very long time now.

Shredded Chicken.

I buy chicken breasts with skins & bones.
The boneless ones are fine...but more expensive, and less flavorful.
(I do buy boneless/skinless for certain things I make...more on that another time.)
Oh, and roasting an entire chicken would be even cheaper!

But what I LOVE is,
having some shredded chicken in zip-lock bags, in my freezer, ready to go when
time is tight and we need a quick meal.

It's so easy:

1.  Put chicken breasts on a large cookie sheet.

2.  Rub with some vegetable (or olive) oil.

3.  Generously season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, whatever you like!

4.  Bake at 350 degrees for one hour.

5.  Let them cool down, then let the shredding begin!
(I always wear gloves to make clean-up easier)

6.  Set all the skin and bones aside.

7.  Voila!  You have a big plate of delicious shredded chicken breasts!

8.  Put your desired portions into freezer-bags.
(I usually do 2-3 big bags..but it's easy to break off a small portion of
the frozen breasts if you need just a little.  Be sure to lay your bags
flat in the freezer for that reason, and for quick thawing.) 

9.  Now it's ALL ready for you to pull out to make:

Chicken tacos
Chicken fried rice
Chicken pizza
The sky is the limit!

But don't stop there!

10.  Put all the skins and bones in a bag, stick in the freezer.
Once you have a couple bags of parts,
pull that out on a boring Saturday and make chicken stock to freeze in
small containers.

Ten really simple steps that you will be SO thankful 
for on a busy night!
And nothing is wasted!

MORE ideas on the way!


Joy said...

Hey!?!? How did you know I used pre-packaged pizza crusts the other night? For the record, I usually make them from scratch. :-P

You are preaching to the choir... The reason no one in our family drinks milk is because the government says we should. A&Q have only had one cup each, and that was not under my watch. SC drank it in China, but not here, and the boys have not had any since they've been here.

That's not to say I don't cook with it from time to time... we just don't drink it. I'm SUPER hard-headed that way.

As for the chicken, last time I boiled one for cooking, I went ahead and added all of the yummy stuff to make the water into broth. I used it for soup later and it was wonderful!

But, that being said, our family is moving toward a plant based diet so as soon as I've cooked all of the meat in the freezer, that's it! I am the only vegetarian wannabe in a house with six crazy carnivores so we shall see if this plan sticks. :-)

Angie said...

Mmmmm...great, easy idea. Keep 'em comin'!

connie said...

I'm listening, Betty Crocker!

Jen said...

That's it! The For Sale sign is going in the yard and we're moving to Kansas! Move over, there's a new neighbor comin' to town.

Yvette said...

OK I am a follower - cuz if you needed 1 person in the world to help that would be me - yeah we have 6 kids, and I somehow missed the class on making food for a large family from scratch. Hell my idea of scratch was using a box meal instead of McDonald;s - don't judge me - I am ready to learn I jsut need help. So I am going to costco tomorrow to buy chicken by the bulk and do step one. Of course I would love some links to the casseroles, fried rice, and stir fry - ok really the only thing on your list I remotely know how to make are the quesadillas!

Learning Together at Home said...

Ooooo now THIS I need!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward... remember...easy...


Patty said...

Great idea! You KNOW I need all the help I can get! ha! Although, you'd be proud....all the cooking I've been doing around here lately. Of course, I did send you my recipes. hahaha Ok but what about stuff like spaghetti--or you even make the noodles from scratch? Or the tortillas? I don't think I'm ready for THAT!

Jenn said...


kippi said...

I love these ideas! Thanks for sharing.

jen said...

Yes! Great idea on the theme for the new year... cheap AND homemade! Love it!

quilt'n-mama said...

We do this too... so many awesome things to make from it and much cheaper in the long run and healthier. I have a roast setting on our oven so when whole chickens are cheap/on sale, I buy several put them all in the oven, roast and let them cool and then do the same as you:)

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