Thursday, January 3, 2013

another handy hint from lori

I've got to hurry this post along,
because in keeping with today's pork theme,
we are going on a field trip to my friend April's house to see her pigs!

Did you really think I was kidding about buying pigs this year?
You crazy.
(Insert Chinese accent)

I'm a list person.
And now that I've got my 2013 bucket list,
I'm determined to get it all done before the end of January.
Just kidding.
But I am diving in head-first to get things moving along.

Anyway, hang on tight because today's 
is just dandy!
And oh-so-handy.

First rule is, don't let this overwhelm you.
There are certain things in life that we just assume we have to leave to the experts.
Like, heart surgery.
And septic systems.
And making sausage.

So not so, my dear friends!

Come along with me on a my sausage making journey, would you?

Many years ago I bought a meat-grinding attachment for my Kitchen Aid.
I wasn't all that sure that it would get much use,
and really, I don't use it a ton...but when I do, I am super-duper glad I have it.
It is soooooo fabulous.

But if you don't have a meat grinder, NO WORRIES.
You can buy your pork already ground.

First, I bought a big package of pork.  I can't remember what cut it was...
but it had a lot of good marbling in it, which is key to good sausage.
Unless you want it very low-fat.
And that's just crazy-talk to me.

(And just think, next year at this time I'll have my own back-yard pork!)

Anyway, I cut all the meat up off the bones and simply ran it through
my grinder.  It makes me feel like a million bucks every single time.

This literally took minutes to do.
Then I weighed it...which really isn't necessary, but I have a new scale,
so I definitely needed to weigh it.

Then came the spices & stuff.

For two pounds of ground pork,
I put in:
2 tsp. toasted ground fennel seeds
1 Tbs. brown sugar
2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes

That is it, folks.
I do hope you noticed that there's no MSG or nitrates.
I was fresh out, darn.

Then I made them into little rolls, wrapped them in wax paper
and stuck them in the freezer.

Then when we were ready to eat it,
I came home and fried it up in a pan!
Just like the song says.

Guys, this is so stinking simple, I can't even begin to tell you.
You have FULL control over what you
put into it, unlike what you buy in the store.

You can add or take away the stuff you like, or don't like.
Add some maple syrup if you want, you wild thing!
Add some sage.
Take away the peppers if you don't like hot, you boring people!
It's all about YOU.

It will open up doors and opportunities you never dared to dream.
I promise!


Robin said...

Oh my gosh, I love you! You cannot find sausage here for any amount of money, it simply doesn't exist, and for years I've been wishing I could manage to make my own bulk sausage. This looks easy enough to do it! Ground pork I can get easily. Now, where to find fennel... They have it fresh so there has to be ground around somewhere...

Bookmarking immediately!

Vicky said...

You are simply amazing!

Madeleine said...

Holy Moses Lori! We are on the same journey of food goodness.

And this is COOL!!!

Except of course, my husband is a vegan. :P ( I think it is a midlife crisis thing, but if this is as bad as it is going to get, I'll take it!!)

But we are not.

How I wish we lived near farmers. Living 45 minutes out of NYC is not farm country.

Woe to me.

I have to make milk runs to the next state to get my raw milk. ( not cheap but what are you going to do??!) I got my chickens in the back yard.

Meat? Still coming from the store. :::sigh::: granted it is organic, it comes with the metropolitan organic price.

Woe to me.

I am excited to see your journey!! I may join you in some ventures!!!

Janet said...

Lori, I love you, really. But if you get any more industrious, I'll just have to stop reading--not really. You put me to shame. I thought I was so great with my "from scratch" meal every night--never mind that I slapped corndogs and chips on a plate for lunch. Woe is me.

Chris said...

So it's fennel that makes it sausage? Hmm, gotta check the ingred at my mid-western-ers might have strange tastes esp w/ the Chinese mix :^)

Robin said...

Just made my first batch tonight and hot diggety - it tastes just like sausage! Wahoo!!

How do you mix in the seasonings though? I did it by hand (bought the meat ground to order, I haven't seen my meat grinder in at least 15 years) and it was flippin' cold, not to mention a pain. I'm thinking a kitchen aide might make things a lot easier...

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