Wednesday, January 9, 2013

happy hens

"Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice."
~Henry Ford


"Clean out your chicken house and sweat like a pig."

It was a gorgeous morning yesterday so I took advantage and cleaned
up after my crazy hens.
And it was quite the workout, let me tell you.
That's how real women exercise, you know.

There's not much more in life that makes me happier than
a freshly scooped out hen house and a new
layer of pine shavings.
It just really makes my heart sing.

They also got some new straw and scratch grain in their pen.
Oh, life is sooooo good right now if you're a chicken at my house.

Have you hugged your chickens today?


Madeleine said...

I have to do this. It is so darn cold though.

I am planning to do it this weekend when it will go up to 50 DEGREES!!! Woo-hOo!!!!

You are right...nothing like a cleaned out chicken coo, that makes you fell god and accomplished. :)

Karin said...

Wait. You mean they don't clean their own pens? have to DO THAT for them? Sheesh... You really need to teach them to pick up a broom.

Katy said...

I want Chickens. BAD. You inspire me. But apparently we signed a contract when we bought the house that said we can't raise chickens. So I will wait, until I can move into the country and raise chickens and grow up to be like you :)

megadog said...

I've been so busy with Christmas and such. I just had to stop in and tell you that I LOOOVE your blog. Love the recipes you are posting and the ideas for saving money. Keep it coming cutie!

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