Thursday, January 10, 2013

10 things

Ten [random] things.

1.  I almost always force myself into the shower before the hot water has
started flowing, for the sheer purpose of being outrageously thankful for hot running water.

2.  I still periodically time myself blow drying my hair,
in hopes of somehow beating my previous time.
(It never happens.)

3.  Shaving my armpits has become an every-three-week priority for me.
(K-Man calls me his European dream-girl. Lucky him!)

4.  I am currently addicted to Veggie Straws.

5.  I ordered a food processor attachment for my Bosch mixer
after y'all harassed me for grating my laundry soap by hand.
(Thanks, I needed the excuse!)

6.  It is a drizzly cold day out and that seems to have resulted in me being
velcro'd to the couch.

7. I have a big batch of Mini-Cinni Rolls going.
And I WILL share the recipe with you soon.

8.  For the very first time, I have become outwardly annoyed by the overachievers
on Pinterest.

9.  My kitty cats follow me EVERYWHERE.

10.  I took this picture of myself when I was cleaning out my chicken house.

Time to hoist myself up and be productive!

Have a fabulous afternoon.


Katy said...

I am definitely in the same boat as you on #3 but it extends to my legs too.

Cari said...

I identify with everything except jumping in the cold shower before it can do! :)

Rebecca said...

So funny! As always! Love that about you! And have I ever told you that I wish you were my neighbor? ;)

Wendy said...

Totally agree with Rebecca. Could use a funny, fun person next door to me. You make me laugh...but I am glad you do not have to hand grate your soap. Poor Macy's arms.

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