Tuesday, January 15, 2013

erma bombeck [fried chicken and noodles]

I have been in SUCH a blogging funk, you guys.
More than a dozen times, I've wadded up this blog and thrown it in the trash.

I guess Erma Bombeck would have called it writer's block.
I loved Erma.
Oh my word, she was the best ever.
(Please don't tell me you don't know who I'm talking about.)

Anyway, lest I forfeit all I've fought for for this site (wait, what?),
I press on.

So, you'll pardon me graciously if this is an absolutely NOTHING post,
with nary a nugget of helpfulness, alrighty?

On Saturday I received a big fat cook book that I ordered.
All whole-grains.
All of the time.
Or something along those lines.
I was so stoked for about 17 minutes,
then I wanted to curl up in the corner of my hen house.
And run to Walmart for a loaf of white bread.

But as my OCD personality dictates, I WILL master the recipes in this massive book.
I will.

Moving on.

Last night I made fried chicken strips for dinner and nearly died.
Why do I do this to myself?
I do not know.

But just look at this incredible goodness.
THAT'S why I do it.

Though the mess, I could do without.
But my new handy-dandy fryer made it amazingly easier.
And delicious-er.

And THEN, I froze a gob of the leftovers.
Happy Day!!
Fried chicken strips make THE best sandwiches, wraps, salads, whatever!
So now, in retrospect, I am very happy I fried chicken last night.

And for tonight's dinner,
I am making made-from-scratch chicken noodle soup.
With homemade noodles, of course.
(Guys, it's SO easy, really.)

And just like that, that's all I have for you today, people.
I'm tired.

I'm going back into my funk now, okay?

Enjoy your evening immensely!!


likeschocolate said...

looks good! I want to come to your house for dinner.

Rebecca said...

Yum! You make me fat just reading about it!

Rachel said...

LOVE Erma...Time to go search the attic for one of her books! Hugs!

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