Sunday, December 2, 2012

mini-dates [christmas shopping]

Tis the season for more-than-usual
mini-dates with my dear man,
all in the name of "Christmas shopping."


Here we are making a clean getaway from the children.
I look so angelic.
And K-Man looks so tan and rested.
I wonder what's up with that. 

Our first stop was a diner.
I left feeling disgusted with myself.
Don't worry, that one little (barely visible) bite of fried okra didn't get left behind.
Which easily helped contribute to my disgusted feeling.
I'd feel horrible if I wasted any food.
I even threw the leftover bread in my purse to give to my chickens.
I certainly did!

Oh and we did manage to pick up a few gifts while we were on our date shopping, also.

And that sums up my Sunday afternoon.


Vicky said...

Love fried okra! What a great way to spend Sunday afternoon!

connie said...

That sounds heavenly ~ the dinner date and the shopping together!!!

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