Wednesday, December 19, 2012

fruit smoothie

I'm on a new health kick, people.
(Thanks to my sister, Robin.)
And I made Nick a Pineapple-Mango-Strawberry-KALE smoothie.
After looking at it,
he said he wouldn't drink it without some Ranch dressing.


It was delicious.
As far as kale-ridden drinks go.

Another great treat,
brought to you by the infamous LORI.

You're welcome.

(Notice that there's no recipe attached?  You're welcome.)


Patty said...

Girl, that looks umm....awful. I will not be joining you in THAT adventure!

Jean said...

You are lacking in presentation! It need a chilled mug with fresh fruit on the side and nix the kale!

I love Nick's comment- just needs ranch! Ha!
Our big kids eat pizza with ranch- ranch is on everything!

Krista said...

EVERYTHING tastes better with ranch dressing!

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