Sunday, November 18, 2012

two new things

I have two new things that I love.


The first thing is,
this little coffee maker thingymajig that my sister Dana got me for my birthday.
She so knows me.

It's ceramic and you just grind your beans, put them in the filter thingy
placed in the coffee thingy.
Then just pour hot-hot-hot water slowly into it.
And you must be sure to have a mug underneath it.
(Don't ask me how I know that.)

(To any of you who would like me to write  descriptive instructions for your product, let me know.  As you can clearly see, I'm good at it.)

Listen, people.
I don't know how, why, when, or where,
but this makes THE BEST cup of coffee ever. EVER.

It's my favorite thing ever. EVER.

I am reading this book.
This eye-opening, shocking, and attention-grabbing book.
All I can say is,
I'm only about seven chapters into I will write more about it when I'm finished.

It's actually a fictional book, based on the true events of 911,
and what Scripture has to say about it.
Yep, that's right.

Really, READ IT for yourself.

It's time to WAKE UP!

1 comment:

jen said...

Oh my, that's a super cool coffee thingy. Kindof like Bodum coffee, which is popular in our house.

And, that book totally stresses me out just to look at it.

But on a totally different note, your pizza advice revolutionized my crust. Totally! I'll blog about it soon and give you all the glory. ; )

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