Monday, October 1, 2012

where are you?

First off,
I need to tell you that my Nicky is back home from
his clavical surgery and recovering nicely.
In other words,
he's sleeping the world away,
and has threatened me with my very life not to post
a pic of him, 
even though I desperately want to show you what
he looked like, pre-op, post-chest-hair shave.

Never mind about that, lest I die.  
(Actually...he didn't tell me any of the sorts,
he's way too out of it...but I know him quite well.)

In case you are new here,
my gorgeous and fabulously wonderful 17 year old
son had an unfortunate football tackle that left
him with a broken collar bone.
Which left him needing a surgeon to plate that sucker back up.
Pretty simply surgery, actually.
But, very dramatic and eventful in our little home.
The pain meds and stool softeners are flowing freely!!
Hot diggity!

The next thing on my mind is this:

Did you forget that this is a participatory blog?

I SO desperately need you to comment, offer advice,
tell me what to do, and give beauty tips!!
And often!!!

I am super sad because I haven't heard hardly a peep
from ya'll lately.

So let's see...

why don't you tell me what the latest drama is in YOUR family.



Nick's girlfriend just came over and is bee-bopping
around as if all is right with the world,
as Nick is in agony on the couch.
This relationship may be over.
I'll keep you updated.

PLEASE tell me what's going on in YOUR world!!!!

I miss you people!


Rebecca said...

I've been leaving you comments for months now and I've never heard back from you! :) I know there aren't any "rules" for blog world, but whenever someone leaves me a comment, I will usually go check their blog out too and leave them a comment; especially if it's someone knew... Just to introduce myself and thank them for the comment. That way it's not just a one-sided deal. Blogging is such a weird thing anyways... It's not like any of us really know each other, but for those of us in the adoption community, it's sometimes our only connection to other BTDT adoptive families. I really value the wisdom (and humor) that I glean from the blogs I follow. Yours is definitely one of them:)
So comment back sometime, will ya! :)

Lori said...

Wow, Rebecca...truth is, if I have an email address, I almost ALWAYS respond back. So sorry I've missed you somehow.

But I always assume that most people don't check back here for my responses.

Thank you for checking in though...I really appreciate it!

And for the rest of you...if you want a direct response back, PLEASE leave me your email address, otherwise I have no way of responding!

Nancy said...

Well, I am getting ready to go to church. We are starting a book club. Need to start reading more than just these blogs. Is this what you had in mind for a comment?

Holly said...

I have a sick toddler. We have five kids, we homeschool, we have a dairy farm. I wish I had a life. Yours sounds much more...funny than mine. I think my surrounding cast is pretty strong, but if I'm playing lead I definitely need help.

Amy said...

Let's see...nothing too glamourous in my house.
In the middle of potty training my 2 year old twins. That's drama and a lot of M&Ms. But when they are rewarded with one, I usually reward myself with one or two also. Oh, and they just started preschool!

I love following your blog. I hope everyone is doing well.

Lori said...

Awww, Amy! You have a TON on your plate, girl!! Two-year old twins?? Yikes. Potty-training?? Ack! Blessings to you, my friend!!

I think you beat us all in the category of drama.


AfterGirl said...

My mom had an abccess on her eyelid that they thought my go to her brain on July 5th, then less than a week after she got home from the hospital for that she went back in and it took them over a week and many tests to figure out that she needed to have her gall bladder out, then about a week and a half after she was home from that, she fell and broke her hip and had to have a pin placed in it! Ugh! My parents are in their 80's and thank God I live with them and was laid off recently so that I could be here for them!

Sean and Lisa said...

Girl I NEVER miss one of your blog posts! You are my daily dose of humor. LOL!
So glad Nick is home and recovering, prayers for your sanity during this time. :)
I do have my share of drama around here and I'm pretty certain one of my little girlies is going to win an Emmy someday cuz she has some major drama happening most days. LOL! My 18 yr old comes home for a short visit next week before he heads off to Korea for 18 months (he's in the Army!)and excitement abounds! We are all counting down the days till we can hug his neck. :)

Susan A said...

it's funny, just this morning, I was looking at my super-oily hair (the day before, I shampooed using only bicarb soda and apple cider vinegar)... I was thinking that I should go back to the egg shampoo... but eggs are costly... and I thought about your hens :) here is my thought which I was thinking of sharing with you... if you have a lot of leftover eggs, you can make egg shampoos... just mix one egg, a little bit of baking soda, and shampoo... and rinse with apple cider vinegar (diluted with water), and your hair will look very shiny, guranteed! and it doesn't smell at all! :)

I love reading your blog posts, always made me smile. But I'm getting lazy at leaving comments. Sorry about that, Lori :) love you, my sister in Christ :)

Susan A said...

oh, I read back what I commented, when I mentioned "just mix one egg, a little bit of baking soda, and shampoo..." by shampoo, I mean massage it in your hair, not the actual shampoo bottle. :)

julie said...

Hey Lori!
I'm still recovering from pneumonia...7 weeks and counting, It REALLY knocked me on my bee-hind. So now I have been busy trying to get the housework caught up, because when Momma is sick-the house suffers...and the kids, and the pets...etc. (I'm sure you know what I mean)
We are also in the process of renting out 4 houses!!!! You may remember that my husband and I "flip" houses. We used to fix them up and sell them, but now it seems we only collect them! This economy has killed the housing market (Don't even get me started!!) So, we have been forced to rent them out.
And would you believe we are renting one to a group of roofers from Olathe, KS....what a small world!
I hope Nick is feeling better.

ourchinagirls said...

The drama at our house is waiting for TA to bring home our sixth daughter from China! Tick Tock Tick Tock...time moves very slowly when you are waiting for those two little letters!

Jean said...

So sorry about Nicky- it's so cute that you call him NIcky!
We have a Marky, Lukey, Sammy, Billy, Johnny, and a Matty... when they are not feeling well...

Glad the surgery went well and he is on the mend!

As for me, I'm never far away! Always love visiting your blog!!

Patty said...

Girl, you know where I've been......f.u.n.n.y.f.a.r.m!

Vickie said...

I'm FUNdraising for our last girl (stop laughing about the "last"part there--- and my 100 year old Gram died. Still reading, never comment because I'm just bad like that. Whatcha gonna do with me?
Gotta go "prove I'm not a robot"

angie said...

In my world....
16 year old TWIN girls with boyfriends.... man this is a tuff deal....
Angie H

Liz Tolsma said...

I am writing the second novel in a three book series (just turned in the first which releases Aug. 1) and I'm taking care of my daughter who had leg surgery on both legs 6 weeks ago - they cut through both femurs, manually turned her legs to fix her intoeing (she has CP among other things), then plated and screwed them back together. All I do is run 45 minutes to therapy and 45 minutes home. Yikes. I need this trip my girls and I are taking this weekend more than anything.

Kris said...

Our drama is waiting for our TA from China, too!!! This week long shut down is going to kill me!!! Where is the chocolate?!

Tesseraemum said...

So glad Nicky is on the mend! The littles should be utilized to their full potential this week. Tell Nick they should be good for at least a couple of days worth of fetching and chores before they get bored or figure out whats going on!!
Lets see the drama here..My dad passed away a month ago rather suddenly :( still working through that. We really thought it would be my mom who went 1st with all of her medical issues. Pray for us as we navigate my mom's "issues" and try to decide what's best for her. My sister is of the belief that whatever makes you happy right now is the best way to go. She doesn't look ahead to see the reprecussions (my mom LOVES this, btw,she has already trained my niece and my sister to buy her 3 Hot carmel lattes a DAY from Mcd's and all the white zin. wine she wants.) My dad tempered her with these because of the reactions with her meds. Needless to say I'm here waiting for the other shoe to drop...I'm the evil sister because I want her to be healthy as well as happy on down the road. Alright, is that enough drama for ya?! OO, I do get to go on a women's retreat this weekend!! I CANNOT WAIT! Sheri

Sarah said...

Hi Lori,
I find your blog refreshing and completely down to earth. I wish I lived closer so I could partake of the eggs. We live in GA. We just rec'd TA for 2 boys yesterday and hope to be China bound Oct. 24.
Sarah Risley
jhrisley at gmail dotcom

Jo's Corner said...

I have been stuck in bed for the past 2 weeks. Please. Pray! Not sure what's going on..cancer, thyroid, depression? Just sad that I have NO energy. I'm only up o feed the cats and grab a glass of iced tea.
Praying for Nick. And, you know how much I love your heart and soul. So wish I lived next door to you. I need you in my life.
Love You ~ Jo
P.S. Please, pray specifically for my eyesight. I can't blog,'cuz I can't really see my keyboard and/or screen. It has caused me to be unable to be in touch with my online friends. And, there aren't any IRL friends in my life.

Jenn said...

I so so enjoy your blog!! I check it whenever I have a minute because ALL your post seriously lift my day! I am finalizing our adoption of two daughters, adding two girls to our two boys. So now I have 4 kiddos under 7. WOW. It has been the LONGEST HARDEST 11 months of my life. We're coming up on a year f placement and praying we'll be finalized before the year anniversary of placement. This summer has been a great bonding time for all of us, going on trip and vacations, it has been a blessing to watch my kids learn to love each other. MY 3 year old daughter has attachment issues so we are struggling through that. It has required therapy for her and for me. It's been rough to try to love a little one that pushes you away. I think you can understand that. I am also a first time homeschooler this year, teaching the two boys (K and 2nd grade). I am super super busy and learning to say no to things so I can keep myself sane! Boy that was a long response! Oh and I'm in CA, so you have my Physical place too. Thank you thank you for writing this blog, it's a blessing to me and I am so thankful for you.

The Gang's Momma! said...

OMIGOSH! You want drama?! I got the drama.

For the last two weeks, we've been readying Shaggy for his YWAM adventure in Denver. Packing, lists, choking up at the thought of missing hugs, and so forth.

As if that wasn't enough, on Monday night, the 24th, we finally got to see our sweet Brynna's face for the first time. But that made for 8 straight days to follow of Happy/SAD/HAPPY/Sad over and over. Researching her need, freaking out over her need. Falling in love with her eyes, freaking out about having 6 kids. Helping Shaggy finalize banking issues, crying over the idea of an empty bed. Washing Shaggy's last load of laundry. Crying over said laundry.

Dang, it's been an impossibly hard and roller coaster 2 weeks or so here.

While we were in Denver, we got PA for our sweet Brynna. Happy/Sad/Happy/Sad. Again.

Then, I came home from our trip to Denver to a five year old that couldn't figure out WHERE her brother was. And why his new bed was not here at this house. Which started her other brother bawling.

I think most of us cried ourselves to sleep last night. It's not pretty around here.

Keep an eye on my blog, gonna be putting together some kind of fun event for my 1,000th post. Which I think will make me happy. And might make you and the other gals here happy, too :)

Robin said...

So glad to hear that the surgery went well and Nick is on his way to recovery.

Just the usual craziness over here. It's the Jewish holidays now (think Christmas, Easter and New Year's all in the space of one month, with several weeks of kids off from school...). I spent a night in Jerusalem with a bunch of girlfriends last week, then this week DH and I took the kids up north for a few nights of playing tourist. Tomorrow it's laundry and grocery shopping then Friday we're off for a night of camping on the beach. School doesn't begin again until next Wednesday. (Is it Wednesday yet??)

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