Tuesday, October 2, 2012

community recipe box {YOUR recipes!}

Well, you all just made my day with all your comments!
It was so good to hear from you.
And WOW, most of you have a ton of stuff going on in your corners of the world.
Thank you for sharing with me!

Unrelated to that, I have a little idea.

As I was adding a few recipes to my "Recipe" tab at the top
of this page,
it occurred to me that it would be super fun to 
add some of YOUR recipes!

We could make it just a little community recipe box.
Kind of like a quaint little church cookbook.
Which is where THE best recipes reside.
That's so fun, right?

The only stipulation is,
it needs to be a LINK to YOUR blog where you've shared the recipe.
Make sense?

In other words,
I can't take on writing a post about your recipe,
I'll simply post the name of it,
and link others to your blog where they can go get the actual recipe.

Yes, yes?

It will be fun.  So fun!!

And it's a good way to get new people to your blog
if you are wanting more traffic.

So here's what you need to do.

1.  Write up your recipe & post it to your blog.
Use pictures, the people love that!
If you got the recipe from somewhere else in cyberspace,
PLEASE share that link within your post.
It's just good manners.

2.  Send me the link to your post.
(NOT just the link for your blog...but the actual post link.)
Email it to me, loriatjoyunspeakable@yahoo.com
Post the link in the comment section.

So far,
my recipe categories are:

Main Meals
Side Dishes
Baked Goods

I'll add other categories as needed.
(I'm also thinking that I'll add a "Handy Hints" tab...so if you have
any good blog posts that would fall into that category,
bring 'em on!)

Alrighty then,
this will be so fun, don't ya think?

And if you have an amazing recipe that you simply must share,
but don't have a blog,
go ahead and email it to me & I will TRY to
feature it by posting it on my blog in the future.
(No guarantees!)

I hope at lest a shred of what I just said makes one lick of sense.
AND that you catch my vision on this.
(Vision is a strong word...it's more like, my spur-of-the-moment idea.)

That's how I roll.


Bring on the recipes, friends!


Jenn said...

Great Idea!!

The Gang's Momma! said...

Here's a huge yummy hit from my kitchen to yours. Got it from a package of generic cream cheese :) And then played with it.


{say this Arnold-esque:} I'll be back! I love recipe swaps!!!

Chris said...

shoot, I posted links to my recipes...gotta work on the actual recipe thing.
I am in the take off lane...down to the last week...so I might have to do this later.

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