Friday, October 5, 2012

my latest peril

It is a chillllly day here in the Bible-Belt!

Fall is snuggling all around us,
which means sweatshirts are all the rage, again.
Cider is simmering.
And armpit shaving can be put on hold until Easter.

My VERY favorite time of the year!

Now enough of the good news.

Here is my latest peril:

My 5k race is tomorrow.
And I haven't ran in like, two weeks.
And I don't even have a cute running outfit to wear!

Oh the trials of a first-world Christian housewife.

I'm half tempted to skip the whole thing.
But I paid $25.
And I want my darn t-shirt!!

So maybe I'll just go register,
mingle with others for just a bit,
grab my shirt,
and RUN back to my car.

Then, hello Starbucks!

I will update you as I can.


Jenn said...

NO!! Run it!! I think you may be surprised what your body can do, even after not running for 2 weeks! I usually get my best times on race day, not when I'm home. I think the excitement of everyone else around helps the run to feel so bad. Even if you have to walk part, I'm sure you won't be alone. I've been thinking I need to sign up for another 5k just so at least then I'll have to run!! :) Enjoy your weekend, enjoy the 5k. You can still hit up starbucks afterward! :)

Patty said...

You GO GIRL!! You can do it! I've seen you swim, you've got mad skills girl. In the pool or out! Run like the wind! Pretend you are being chased by adoption officials begging you to adopt more children. That should help. Haha.... Well think of Brady and what he did today--if he could do THAT, you can get through the 5K! Go Go Go!

Anonymous said...

Just walk it--then get the coffee....and the armpit line just cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

I am envious of cool weather! It is still hot in South GA. Good luck on your run!

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