Monday, October 8, 2012

call now!

Well, hot-diggity-dog, ya'll!

You'll never guess what place I took in Saturday's 5k.

10th?  7th?  43rd place?


(Out of 104)

With a whopping pace of 11:32.

Which makes a grand total of  3.1 miles in a swift 35:48.29 minutes.

Wow, somebody call the Olympic track & field scouts.
Lori is red-hot & lightning fast!

And all that excitement left me hungry.

So I came up with this lovely gem:

I call it,

Dixie Pie Danish

Alright, so my photography skills lack luster.

Here's what is is:
Butter-brown-sugary-pecans, coconut, and chocolate chips,
loaded up in sweet dough, baked perfectly.


I'll post the recipe soon!

In the mean time, if you want me to train you for a 5k, let me know.
I will teach you to:

*Run only when you feel like it
*Walk at every chance
*Make sure you look cute
*How to give glaring looks to the people standing on sidelines cheering you on
*Make your running buddies look really good by finishing long after them
And much more!

Call now for rates & availability!


Shauna said...

Too funny! Thanks for adding humor to my night!

Susan A said...

ditto to Shauna :D the dixie pie danish looks mouth watering! :P

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