Thursday, October 18, 2012

paint, pumpkins, and heartburn

So my mother brought the children some pumpkins today.
She's such a good little granny!
(She's gonna love that I said that.)

I suppose she just assumed that I wouldn't be taking the crew to
the obligatory fall pumpkin patch visit
(and she'd be right),
so she brought the pumpkin patch to us.
Sans the patch.

And bless her heart,
she also brought paint for the children to decorate their pumpkins.
I suppose she assumed I wouldn't want to help
them carve them.
(And she'd be right.)

It all started out so very sweet and innocent,
as all pumpkin painting does.

And it ended with a twisted alteration to perfectly lovely pumpkins,
children who just up and left this fairy-tale project,
and me with heartburn.

The end.
Good bye.

And may I never use the words paint and pumpkin in the same sentence ever again.

1 comment:

Jean said...

LOve the crafty things... but don't really like being the crafty person...
Send Grandma to my house! We need her!

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