Thursday, September 6, 2012

lori's doctor appointment {aka, shop class}

 I had an impromptu doctors appointment yesterday.

(And I use the word doctor, quite loosely.)

Here's what I mean:

The littles beckoned me to the living room.
Isaiah had his tool kit.
And Lucy had her doctor kit.
(I use the words doctor kit quite loosely.)

"Welcome to my office, lady."
(Insert evil Asian giggle.)

Isaiah got right to work.
And just so you know, there's
 a fine line between a pedicure and a physical
(and shop class) 
with this one.

The thing is,
my feet are extremely ticklish.
Which Dr. Lucy thought was the funniest 
thing ever.

Seriously funny.

Onto my ears.
With a screwdriver.

Then a little hammering on my 
already-strained knees.

Then they both joined forces for
plastic surgery.

The changes are stunning.

I'll save the after-pics for another day, though.

I think we've all seen enough.

Book your appointments soon!


Holly said...

Ooooh...I should show Sarah these pictures. She would probably love to see these new techniques!

Chris said...

Teach them how to do a back rub...battery powered drill included

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for a cardiology appt
in Portland on the I
know where to come for a second
opinion!...Your blog today did wonders for my psyche. Loved the missing tooth giggle and the ROFL.,vancouver,wa.

Karin said...

Ooohhh...sign me up! No worries...they can be doctors under Oblahblahcare.

My dirty secret is that I let my little kids do my hair just to get a nice head massage. When they want to stop, I tell them, "NO! Keep doing my hair!" hahahahahahahahaha

Debby said...

Very cute Drs....

April said...

We are home now from China, and as you know the stress was very high in my house for the first week. With some sleep and some kind of routines so far, I feel so much better,in fact, I feel like I can do this feeling...
Your blogs make me laugh which in turn it makes me feel better. Just love love your blogs.
I don't know how you do it though, I almost wish I lived closer to you so I could jump on over for a feeling good therapy, YOU.
Thank you so much for a much needed chuckle.
April from Charlotte

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