Monday, September 17, 2012

friday night lights

K-Man and I got to go to Nick's first high school football game on Friday night,

Cute pic, right?
Even though it's sooo close.
(Remember, I'm rustic.)
(Nothing a little nip, tuck & Botox couldn't fix.)
(Don't hold your breath for that one.)

And we may or may not have had our passports
hanging around our necks.
With luggage in the backseat.

Never mind about that.

Looky at my Nicky!
#23, right there in the middle.
His very first football game since 6th grade!

It was a super fun night,
even though they lost.

Oh, and K & I did end up coming back home after all.
(No flights available.)
(Next time!)

1 comment:

Jean said...

I hope you at least stayed out until the littles were asleep! We drive around the block a couple times just to make sure everyones tucked in!!

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