Monday, August 27, 2012

for the chili-challenged

There are two kinds of people in this world.
Those who make their own chili.
And those who don't.

This blog post if for those who DO NOT.
(If you make your own chili and have a fabulous,
blue-ribbon recipe, look away.)

For those of you who are remedial 
this post is for YOU.

Don't you feel special?

(I won't name names, but I'm thinking of
friends whose names rhyme with Bonnie and Hatty.)
I love you both.
And I'm here for you in every way,
you know that. 

Here we go!

For MY size family, I brown up 2 lbs. of hearty ground beef.

Around....1/2 cup (or more...or less)
of chopped onion.

Approximately, one+ jalapenos.
(More or less.  Let's be men about this.)
You better add jalapenos or I will hunt you down. 

THEN, add one big ol' can of crushed tomatoes.
(Thank you, Aldi!)
And two cans of chili beans.
(Thank you again, Aldi!)

Add one picture of Lucy-bug because
she insisted!

add 1/2 cup of chili seasoning.
(Take liberty with this, people.  It's all about what you like.)
Add some salt, too.
Maybe 2-3 tsps.
I'm guessing.
Chili isn't an exact science.
That's why I love it.
Free spirit, baby.

And then you will eventually end up with...


It's so easy.
So fresh.

Soooooo what you need to make for your family.

Turn it into chili-dogs and you'll forever
be the hero of all-time.

I'm not even kidding.


Patty said...

Wait just a mean to tell me you use beans from a can? Here I thought you were boiling them and such. I don't feel nearly as bad about my canned chili now....LOL. But I do like how easy you made this, I could handle it I think. Not that it was directed at me or anything.

connie said...

Finally, an easy peasy recipe even I can follow. Thank you from the bottom of my heartburn.

David and Janet Hurley said...

I guess I am un American; don't really like Chilli. And it's still in the 90's here most days. I'll make it a few times in the winter--but, shame on me--I'll be using the McCormicks seasoning packets.

Chris said...

My recipe takes a tablespoon of vinegar...I miss it if it isn't there.
My mom adds a handful of dark chocolate chips to hers.

Now I'm hungry for chili

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