Saturday, August 25, 2012

brenden back to college

 We took Brenden back to college today.


I was so sad....and so happy.
I know that's horrible (the happy part).
But this kid was at the end of his rope with being
at home.
He had no job.
He had no hobbies.
(Except eating and sleeping.)
And he was just so ready to be back
on his own.
I can't blame him!
I love his little college and am so happy for him!

Here is the pictorial:

Leaving Lucy.
The hardest part for both of them.
(Seriously, they are so attached.)

Unloading at school.

 Unloading, done.
Going to lunch now.

Lunch at a BBQ place.
Uncle Kenny came along with us.
We love him!
(He is SINGLE, girls!  Just saying. More on that later.)

Then we went for a quick-trip to a thrift store.

Brenden driving us to the thrift store.
(This is so exciting, right?)

Look what I found!
Is this not the most hideous thing you've ever seen,
I so bought it!
No, I did not.

And B really wanted this dental chair 
for his dorm room.
Maybe for Christmas.

Then we said goodbye.

Uncle Kenny and Brenden.

Brenden and me.

K-Man, Brenden, and me.
(Wahhh, wahhh, WAHHHH!)

The End.

Now, leave me alone while I 
cry my eyes out, and deal with the remaining kids.

One down, FIVE to go!


1 comment:

connie said...

Waaaaaaah... It's so hard letting them go. But he'll come back to visit, no doubt, cuz you're the bomb!

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