Monday, August 20, 2012

all alone!

Oh golly, I need to do a blog post,
but I got nothin' much to say.

So, real quick I'll just tell you that I am
sitting here ALONE in my house.
(Oh wait, Brenden is asleep in the basement.)
I am sitting here ALONE on the first level of my house.
That hasn't happened in, let's see...
a million years.

And here's what this Prov. 31 gal as done already 
since children went to school today
(and it's not even 11 AM):

1.  I sold 8 dozen eggs.

2.  Dusted furniture.

3. Swept and mopped my wood floors.

4.  Cleaned my kitchen.

5.  Fed/watered chickens & gathered eggs.

6.  Sat down to write a blog post.

And next, a friend is coming over to get a highlight.

So, all that to say this.
These kids hold me back, man!

Oh but, I do love them around me most of the time.
(In case they are reading this.)

And just so this post isn't without a couple pics,
here are Macy and Nick on their 
first day of school last week.

Cute, right?

So cute!

Awww, I miss them.

Now I must go.
I have things to do!


ourchinagirls said...

I bet you are going to fix that light that is laying on the ground behind the kids in the pictures?? I knew it!!

Lori said...


When I saw that darn broken light in the pictures I was like, "Golly, I hope no one notices that!"

Thank you for noticing.

Thanks a lot.


Wes said...

G'day from Australia,

What about the hose?
BTW like the cat, cute!

Chris said...

Boy! they dont' give you a break do they? (the commenters) They oughta see my house.My excuse is that the kids don't go to school until Thurs!

Wonder what I'll get done?

Adrian Roberta said... cute!!! Love the smell of 'back to school' in the air *sigh*

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