Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ridiculously high goals {FAIL!}

Tell me,
what is the hardest part of your day?

Are you sluggish in the morning...
then come alive in the afternoon?

Do you...
get the most wind in your sails after dinner?

Or are you...
a burst-of-energy morning person?

I'm most definitely the last option.
I love to get up early.
(But don't you dare talk to me right away.)

I get a ton of stuff done in the AM.
I'm filled with ridiculously high goals and ambitions
for the day.

BUT...by around 2:00,
I crash.
I don't want to do anything else
but sit and read, lounge, and snack.
And talk on the phone.
And text people.
And stalk Facebook friends.
And simply ignore all my responsibilities,
as I plan a lavish trip to Maui.
And then go to bed.

Oh wait...there are people to take care of.

So as we all know,
all too well...
the afternoons/evenings is when
we need to put on our big-girl pants
and play this mom-game like we're in it to win.

I do my darndest to eat well,
take in plenty of water,
and of course drink my Lucy-tonic.

What else can a girl do to put a 
spring in her step??

So I'd like your ideas.

(Never in a million years will these two
little children let me be prostrate in the middle
of the day, so don't suggest a cat-nap
to me.
Don't even.)

So basically,
it comes down to some kind of magical energetic
food/drink, mid-afternoonish. 

I'm thinking,
cupcakes and soda pop
iced green tea with a 
healthy snack.

But if you have other ideas,
lay 'em on me.
And if you want to come over to
serve it to me while I'm lounging around,
hooray for you!
And me!

Thank you for your cooperation
and all-around niceness.


Angie said...

I know you said to-not-to, but I must crash for at least 20 min. in the afternoon. And heaven help the child whose feet may stir me from that brief slumber. I'm an definitely a morning person!

jen said...

Read this...http://bighappynest.blogspot.com/2012/05/tip-tuesday-2-oclock.html

and if that doesn't work, drink coffee! I usually make it til 3:00 without turning totally worthless, but I know exactly what you're talking about. My mom used to watch General Hospital every single day at that time. That was her zone out time, I think.

I've actually started exercising this month and believe it or not I think I have more energy. Just 20-30 min/day. Maybe it's because I sleep better...?

Well, that's a miracle in and of itself!

Lacy Moore said...

I am the exact same way. I get up early and get working. I feel my best when I have made breakfast, the washer and the dishwasher are going and the kids are at the table working on school. This works until lunch. If I let the kids go outside I'm done. And they know it! Then I make dinner and drag the kids around to this and that yawning the entire time. Once the kids are in bed I am full of energy again. Then I stay up way to late (think 2-3am, sleep a few hours and start again.

The only thing that helps me are lists and schedules. I need to have a planner, a teacher planner, a to do list and a menu going at the same times. I like to cross things off lists, so this keeps me on tack. If I'm going without a plan it's 3am nights and 6 am mornings.

My friend and I are starting and Unglued bible study next month. I'm praying it helps.

Natalie said...

This is me exactly! It is 2:00 now and here I sit. If you find the wonder snack I would love to hear about it!

Debby said...


Kristy said...

Ummmm, did someone say coffee... I just bought Souther Pecan Creamer and I think it's time for some!! :)

susieloulou said...

This post caused me to find and eat my last piece of dark chocolate - thanks!

David and Janet Hurley said...

Glad to hear Im' not alone.
My kids (at home) are 6-9, they take a nap from 1:30 to 3. And yes, they actually do nap most of the time. And know better than to make a sound if they do not sleep.
I do chores some days, somedays not. Either way---it's the mental break I need; from the "moma, moma..moma, moma".
My big kids did this too, and were allowed to read as they got older.

Karin said...

Can't help ya, because I'm not a morning person. :) Coffee is all I've got for you...Starbucks of course.

Chris said...

Chocolate covered coffee beans, BIG mug of tea, and/or a vitamin B tablet

Otherwise my forehead is crashing into my sewing machine.

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