Sunday, July 29, 2012

random things {yessss!}

A few random things:

1.  Isaiah came to the dinner table
the other night with his goggles on.
And he couldn't have been more
serious about it.
Not sure what that says about my cooking.

2.  I am feeling fairly certain that it's going
to be 100+ degrees outside for the remaining duration
of mankind.

3.  I made marinara sauce tonight,
with tomatoes from my garden!

(And carrots and basil from my garden!)
(And celery, garlic, and onions from Walmart!)

so I may have overdone it on the carrots,
giving it an overly orange hue.

But let me tell you,
it was sooooo yummy.

This totally justifies the $150+ I spent on
watering that da-gum garden.

$150 marinara sauce...

And add to it,
some homemade focaccia bread.

4.  I am religiously watching the Olympics.
And I am just going to say what
everyone else is thinking:
Olympians have THE best butts.
I can't stop staring.
I just can't.
Good for you, you perky, cellulite-free athletes!

That's all.


Holly said...


Tesseraemum said...

Yes, Those maters looks scrumptous (not sure if that's spelled correctly. Not sure its even a word!)
The olympics has created quite a stir in our house too! It turns out I'm partial to those chisled Eastern European boys! Who knew!!

Rachel said...

OK...pls share the sauce recipe, and in my dreams I have an Olympian's butt, and thighs, and abs, and arms....why does my daughter have to work @ a bakery?!!!!!

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