Sunday, July 1, 2012

my roosters {their demise}

If you are squeamish...
or a vegetarian,
look away now.

No, really...leave this site immediately.

For the rest of you hearty souls,
here's what we did today:

I have (had) seven roosters that drove me nutty.
They were free with my last
chick order.
So I never wanted them in the first place.
Not that I don't love me a pretty rooster....
but these guys were eating their weight in feed
each day,
and were "pestering" my hens constantly,
if ya know what I mean.
And I think you do.

So today,
they met their demise.
I was soooo giddy!

Bu-bye, boys.

I'd be happy to translate for you what Zeke
(my polar-bear dog)
was thinking at this moment:
"Holy smokes, I am so thankful I am not a chicken.
I can clearly sense that this is
not going to end well."

The food-chain, folks.

The manliest of men.

Oh my word,
we can't look, we can't!

Well, maybe a glimpse.

No, no, no!
Never mind.
We will not look.
We will not.

thinking how happy my hens
will be to have these horny-toads
out of their lives.
(Did I just say, horny-toads?)

Happy to have this job done.

And if you were wondering,
MACY was the photographer
and wasn't the least bit put-off by the events
of the day.

And as for my rooster-buddies,
they have made themselves a new
home in comfy zip-lock bags
in my freezer.

I do think this by far makes for the
oddest blog post I've done ever.


ourchinagirls said...

What a sweet heart Lucy is! I can see the look of worry on her face! Happy chicken and noodles day.

Matilda Joyce said...

hahaha! How did Macy & Eli do at camp?

Desiree' said...

one word...YUM!! LOL

Yvette said...

Heehee, we did this a few weeks ago and the kids were all into it until one went running (without his head( and ran rright into Brahm! He freaked and it looked like he had been in a massacre!

julie said...

You crack me up!! This is right up there with the gyno post!! :-)

Holly said...

Oh my goodness!! I can see how you are giddy, and some fresh chcken will be delish....but I cannot believe your two little ones sat right there and almost peeked! (What am I saying? Sarah would most definitely be peeking. BUT, I would not let her, because she would think it was cool and most likely be trying to decide what else must be butchered next. And, possibly trying to find that hatchet herself.) Anyway, I am cracking up, crazy woman. ; )

Karin said..., inquiring minds want to know if any of them ran around without their heads? Just askin' cuz I've always wanted to see that. haha

Justine said...

You are awesome! We did this same thing a few years ago with my dad's chickens...only once, though. Wallace, Baby Russ, and Baby Jason did make tasty chicken soup. Tip of the day: never name your roosters after your friends.

Chris said...

I really do not enjoy butchering chickens...may I ask why you are wearing gloves? this wasn't a surgical procedure.
Now next did take out the innards? and who did that? No I was just curious.

And yes 7 roosters in a houseful of hens is a noisy bunch.

Annie said...

Free range, cut out the middle man (no pun intended), and lots o' chicken in your freezer? Sounds good to me!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say I am sad. I have a hard time with seeing animals die. It can be very disturbing to children to witness , and don't be surprised if they have 'bad dreams" from this experience. I'm 66, and remember scenes like this when I was five! Oh yeah, I know, the standard line is, "Well, thats the reality of life." All too soon they will know about the "reality of life" . Just my 2 cents....enjoy the chicken soup next, vancouver,wa.

Susan A said...

hahaha this is the funniest post I've read :) (and I'm a vegetarian, but do eat chicken and fish). :)

Hezra said...

i am listening to several wayward roosters now. Yes I am sure my hens would appreciate their demise. lol I am thinking dumplings.

Madeleine said...

LOL! I have 2 roosters that need to become dinner one day. :P

I was hoping you would have advice, like look in your local yellow pages for rooster killers and call them up.

The love of your life doing it himself is of no help to me. Unless he happens to be around the Jersey area one day. :D

::sigh::: back to wonder...WHAT THE HECK DO I DO WITH THESE GUYS??!!??!!

Jean said...

YOU WIN! I'm not even gonna try to beat this post!

The pic with the ax... holy buckets girl!!

Yes children hide your eyes!!

BUT, I love Karin's question! Did they run a round with their _______ cut off?

ENJOY your Fried Chicken!!

jen said...

Oh Yeah! Now you're a real homesteader, girlfriend! I'm just about to order 50 more meat chickens. Our whole family processes them, kids included, with no trauma or bad dreams to speak of. (Just thought you should know) hehe. We use a killing cone, though, which seems a little more "humane" if that's possible. At least nobody's running around without all their body parts! ; )

quilt'n-mama said...

Oh my goodness! What memories this post brought... when I was a little girl about Lucy's age, my grandma had chickens and a rooster. She would send me to the chicken house to get eggs, I was terrified of that rooster! So one afternoon she sent my cousin and I to get eggs, after we got in the fence and headed into the house, the rooster attacked my legs, I remember screaming and crying and running for the house. My Great Uncle Loew was visiting from out of state and he saw me coming with blood running down my legs, next thing we knew, he had a big 'ol ax and was headed to the hen house... no more rooster attacks after that! I was terrified of the rooster but more terrified after that to make sure I didn't make Uncle Loew mad... when he got made, he got the ax:)
I'm sure your little roosters will be mighty tasty in some chicken noodle soup this fall:)

Tesseraemum said...

It seems we all need to know the $20,000 question...!

Poor Lucy! Just another story for her to tell in therapy!

How did camp go for the bigs?!


LedaP said...

I wonder if Lucy will be able to eat it! Once when I was a child my parents brought home a tub full of live lobsters and curious I watched them boil them...then I decided I couldn't eat them, and while the rest of the fam ate lobsters, I ate a peanutbutter sandwich and my dad still talks about that dinner today.

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