Friday, July 20, 2012

my day {in case you were wondering}

If you were wondering what I did today,
I will tell you.

Here's what I did:

I got up at a ridiculous hour.
I think it was around 3:18 AM.

I ate breakfast (because I MUST eat breakfast),
showered (because I MUST shower),
then headed south to Connie's house.
(Because I MUST go see Connie periodically).

I am not much of a traveler.
Even though I've been to China numerous times,
and other various places,

I have never driven (by myself)
longer than 2.5 hours.

But because my dear and wonderful friend
Connie invited Eli to come spend
a couples weeks with them,
I decided to man-up and drive, drive, DRIVE.

So today was my day to go pick him up.
And the day started Er-lay.

And because I have an uncanny way of amusing
I took a few pics on my way down.
By myself.

Here we go:

A lovely Kansas sunrise.
I tried to get a better angle...but I opted for
staying on the road, and not DYING, instead.

But, it's lovely, no less.

Then I admired greatly, 
the Flint Hills.
Alright so, the picture may seem boring.
And in many ways, it is.
But trust me, the Flint Hills are so lovely!!!!
They're so...
flinty...and hilly.

I spent exactly 1 hour & 13 minutes visiting with my 
to whom I owe millions of dollars.
And a chili recipe.
But then I had to leave abruptly because
I needed to get back home,
lest I turn into a pumpkin.

And on my way back home,
Nick's car
(which I drove today, because it gets WAY 
better mileage than my big ol' Burban),
(which we have had since he was in KINDERGARTEN),
turned 200,000 miles.
I pulled over and had a moment of silence.
Not really.
I am a get-home-in-record time Nazi.
I would never pull over unnecessarily.
Never, ever.

But here's a pic of the odometer.
Because, that's just fun.

Then later, to pass the time,
I started having car troubles.

Nick's little car started sputtering.
I called K-Man and he calmly told me,
"Just keep driving."

Well, that was very comforting.

He is not nearly the alarmist that I am.
And that alarms me.

But I trusted his leadership
(that's just the kind of Proverbs 31 
wife that I am),
and I kept driving.

I will skip to the end and tell you that I did, in fact,
make it home,
without incident.
That K-Man is one smart fella.

But I must tell you that I saw THE most wonderful
billboard sign that
advertised CREMATION for $895.

I could only imagine Midge telling Hank,
as they're driving down I-35 in their RV,
"Quick, right that number down!  I may need that!"

That was my day.

The End.


julie said...

The best billboard I have ever seen, said this:

"Dentures in 1 day, only $199"

LOL...they must come in small, medium and large!

Glad you made it home safely.

Chris said...

My motto exactly...esp when you have an odometer that has 6 digits displaying..."just keep driving"

You did pick up Eli?
Praying girl...we're thinking of teaching some children/child in our house how to milk cows next summer...we don't have any cows

connie said...

Dear friend, I'm so glad you endured all that to come see me! We must do this again sometime, and maybe I will drive! I'll be watching for that chili recipe...since mine comes in a disposable container :) Love you!

Jennifer said...

What a hoot :) How fun that you got to chat it up with Connie! Lucky gals, you are! :)

David and Janet Hurley said...

I guess K-man figured he'd gotten his moneys worth out of the car, so if continuing to drive it would damage it, that would be fine.
Hmmmm what kind of car was it----maybe DH could get one for work.

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