Wednesday, July 18, 2012

hot diggity!

Don't you love it when you text your husband
at 3:34 PM and tell him you have
what you are going to fix for dinner...
and, does he have any ideas?

To which you expect the standard response,
"Oh, honey...whatever you make is fine."

But instead he says,
"How 'bout chili dogs?!"

And you say,
"Hot diggity dawg, man!  Okay!"

Then you promptly instruct him to stop by the
Walmarts to buy hamburger,
hot dogs, & buns.

And he does.

Because he's dreamy!
(And starving).

But bless his heart.
He bought lean ground beef.
Little does he know,
I stopped buying lean ground beef back
in the late 90's.
I'm just so reckless that way.
And cheap.

No worries.
We will have us some amazing & lean chili dogs
tonight for dinner.

It's elaborate.
And very fancy.

And sooooo dang yummy.

Don't be jealous.
Come on over and I'll make you one too!


Cari said...

looks like he did good! :)

Holly said...

I believe the exact same thing happened right here just yesterday. Same phone conversation, same happiness from me, almost the same food. Only we just had boring hot dogs and burgers but no chilli. Close enough! And yes, I love it when that happens!

David and Janet Hurley said...

He's a dandy!
We had leftovers--which is rare for us.

Debby said...

I want a runner to go to the grocery store for

Karin said...

That sounds SO GOOD. MMMMMMmmmmmm..... I might have to do the same one of these nights. :)

aprilla4 said...

Hello, Lori, Lolly, Polly
I have been reading all your blogs for the last two days and catching up with your life.( almost).
My name is April and I live in Charlotte, NC, and have been here for the last 12 years, ( I am not from here :))
Any way, I have been laughing chuckling and just having so much fun reading your blogs and I thought leaving you a comment is the least thing I can do.
My husband and I have been in the adoption journey since July of 2011 and we are now finally at the part of getting on the plane in 5 DAYS!. We are adopting a little girl almost three years old. We do not have children of our own and I am so anxious, scared, excited, worried and everything in btw. I know, I need cheese with that please. YOU HAVE SIX!!!!! I do admire you. I even copied your caesar drsg recipe.
You have a wonderful family and your children are so adorable, yes even the older ones.....:)))
Thank you for making me laugh and I will be one of your followers from now on!!??
If you want to check out my mini ( compare to yours) blog site it is
Soon to be Mom...Yikes....
April Smith

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