Friday, June 8, 2012

what's happenin'

Here's what's been happening
in our parts:

Sweet friends came to visit!


Playtime outside!

New little kitty cats!

I would like to introduce you to,
Dino and Daisy.
They are the sweetest kitties ever.

And that's about it.
I'm exhausted!


Jean said...

Those are the cutest kitties (and the cutest kids!)!

I want a kitty BUT I don't think I can have a kitty... I allergic to them. I know what a whimp I am...

I want your chickens, I want your kiddies, I want you life- just plain jealous in MN!

Patty said...

Love it! Ok, so that big ol' pool.....I'm slightly jealous and it really a TON of work? That would be great for keeping the kids busy!

Sally-Girl! said...

I agree with my BFF those are the cutest kitties and kiddies!!!

It has been so much fun to watch Lucy go from sassy toddler to little girl!!! She is darling!!

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