Sunday, June 10, 2012

pitiful things

I'm happy to report that
Macy has made a great recovery
from her wisdom teeth removal.
It's been one week and she's almost back
to her old self,
short of still taking it easy on food choices.

Here she is
rolling her own oats for oatmeal.
She's so thrilled that I took a photo!

And in other news:

Here is kitty cat looking so pitiful through
my kitchen window.

And here are two pitiful grown men
who just couldn't take the longing looks anymore.
They opened the windows and let them in.

You have no idea the pitiful things I deal with
around here.

Send help immediately.


Joy said...

I'm afraid I am of no help to you as I am a cat-lady-in-training. :-)

Chris said...

full grown men at that...sorry no help here...they are past helping

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