Thursday, June 14, 2012

thursday evening {waffles!}

Ok so we had whole-grain waffles for dinner.
And bacon.
And smoked ham.
And scrambled eggs.

It's a great go-to meal.
Though as easy as it always seems in my brain,
it never comes out as such.

Doing waffles batch by batch means,
serving dinner, batch by batch.

At least that's how it goes in our house.

It takes so many blasted eggs
to feed my crew.

Isaiah (being the youngest) was the first to get waffles, hot off the press.
And second to me (because I'm a martyr),
he was the last to leave the table.

As I, the martyr, was waiting for my waffles to finally be
done, Lucy brought me some flowers she picked.
She was already done with her waffles.
That's how slow I make waffles.

At last!
My waffles were done.
Here's my ham, eggs, waffles, and me!
And as I happily ate my last-batch waffles,
K-Man washed the dishes.
I was in utter bliss.
I mentioned a while back that
I was opposed to butter because I was infatuated with
That is way in the past now, baby.
Butter is where it's at.
Butter, butter, butter.
Butter in the morning,
butter in noontime,
butter at suppertime.

Last piece of ham.
All mine.
Then I laid down for a nap.
It's the least I could do.
Being the martyr that I am.

So that was my Thursday evening.

I do hope yours was as delightful.


Chris said...

You need a bigger waffle do I.
I love waffles...we make a sweet waffle to make ice cream sandwiches...gotta post it sometime.

One day we moms gotta serve ourselves first and then call the troops to the table...ah that wouldn't be any fun.

Holly said...

So you've the chickens and the eggs, when are you getting the cow and the milk? I could teach you how to make homemade butter. :P

Lacy said...

We love breakfast for dinner. I think you have inspired me to make it for dinner tonight:) BTW- We are all butter here too. Yummy!

Rebecca said...

Breakfast for dinner happens ALOT in our home. Your waffle making sounds like my pancakes. I keep meaning to buy a griddle so I can make more than one at a time. And as for eating them? I always eat the first one... Just to make sure they're good enough...also martyrdom:) hee hee.

Rachel said...

Dear martyr,
Ali said to tell you she has the same green cup.

Annie said...

ummmm, ok, I'm coming over next time you make those yummy waffles, eggs and the works!!

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