Wednesday, June 13, 2012

hands-free multi-tasking

Every single time this hands-free phone thingy
commercial comes on,
I tell K-man that I MUST have it.
I must!
I could multi-task like nobody's business.
Oh, the possibilities!

But he has never bought it for me.
Not even hinted that he would.
And so I continue to have numerous tasks that go undone,
all because I can't talk and work at the same time.
Yes, that's it.
That's it exactly.

while I was on the phone today,
my main-man rigged up my own hands-free device.
Free of charge!
No shipping or processing fees!
And once again,
I have fallen in love with this man
all over.

Let the multi-tasking begin!
Or something like that.

*Does the degree of my dorkiness here clearly reflect
my summertime insanity?
Oh, good.
I was so hoping you'd grasp that.


Hezra said...

oh my word.... the things that turn you on are a little scary. lol But oh well. To each his(or her) own. lol You are such a nut, girl. But I LOVE you! lol my lil coconut.

Jennifer said...

bwahahahahaha!!!! Love the look!

Shonni said...

LOL....You are so cute!!

Shelley said...

Lori--- I love checking your blog because there is always something here that makes me smile. Today is no exception! BTW--your highlights are fab! : )

Patty said...

Oh that is awesome. Now, if he can just rig up some sort of hands free texting device....I'm certain your multi-tasking abilities would be unstoppable! LOL!!

Angie said...

I just laughed out loud and almost lost my coffee...not good! You guys are hilarious!

Debby said...

It's no wonder that you & K Man make such a delightful pair. You have a problem & he solves it.....LOVE

quilt'n-mama said...

I needed a good laugh this morning!

Rebecca said...

You are too funny. I think he should get an award for "resourcefulness". What a thoughtful guy!
BTW, I love your shirt. Just ordered the same one for our "Ashlyn Hope"... Hoping she gets here soon!!!

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