Sunday, May 6, 2012

sunday on our homestead

It was a very low-key Sunday on our homey homestead,
as it should be on the Lord's day!
We worked so dern hard on Saturday,
in unseasonably hot weather
that we simply didn't have much energy
to do much of anything.

Over the weekend:
We got everything mowed.
And by we, I do not mean, me.
Though I do love me some tractor time.

We got the tomato plants and other
things in the garden.
And by we, I mean, ME.

We got our very primitive
hen pen put into use again for our young chickens.
And by we, I do mean, WE.

Peonies at the end of their peak.

Oh, Zeke.

It was a loverly restful day!

Later on...

It was date night for the K-Man and me.
And as we were sitting in a lovely Mexican
restaurant, a huge storm started brewing
and it started to hail...
then the sirens went off because
there was a tornado nearby.
It was so exciting!
We finished our meal and high-tailed it out,
stopping for a few minutes to take
refuge under a bank drive-thru to spare our
car from the hail.
Then we made a break for it and
raced home to get back to the kids.

Then we watched a new storm move in,
safely at home.

It was so humid.
My hair kept getting bigger and bigger.
And darn it,
I totally should have photoshopped
a tornado behind me.
(It's not night-time, it's stormy!)
That would have been hilarious.

Anyway, it was a fun day/night!
I love Sundays.
And I love, love, love a good storm!

I hope your weekend was wonderfully
fun and productive as well!


David and Janet Hurley said...

Whaat a great weekend for you=)
We woke up late today, and it was stormy, so the heathens that we are--skipped church. BUT We did school, and the rest of the day was spent cleaning and re-organizing the school room.

Holly said...

Wow, you really ARE Kansas people! You were not afraid of storms like that?! Well, I am very glad you are all safe and happy and that you had a great weekend! I got a lot done, too, but none of it included tomatoes or chickens. And today I did a whole lot of nothing like I always do on Sunday afternoons. : )

Rebecca said...

Seeing all the fruit of your hard work makes me jealous for farm life! It's just lovely!

Debby said...

We could sure use some rain here. Chances are 60% rain today & everyone is practically giddy by the just the THOUGHT that we might get some rain.

We did birthday parties this weeken. Jami had a roller skating party on Sat. Lindsi had her pool party on Sun. Whew....done until next year now!

Renee said...

The Mr. and I are headed to Kansas on Friday for the first time!! (Flying into KC and driving to the Manhatten area for the weekend.) Way to scare the bejeebies out of me with tornado talk. Assuming you are in that region of the state, if you have any tips (or time to do so), please shoot me an email with any must see places or must know information!

Kathy said...

It is funny the things that excite us.
Must be our age. lol I am happy you all
are safe. Love the growing hair! Mine
does the opposite! It goes completely
straight and flat.

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