Tuesday, May 8, 2012

random questions {my answers}

You guys just completely cracked
me up with your comments
the other day.

First of all,
I rarely hear from most of you on most

*Crickets chirping~Crickets chirping*

I ask some silly questions and ya'll just can't
stand not to weigh in with your

I love that!

So in case you were wondering what MY answers

1. I am still undecided about plumbing vs. electricity.
I go back and forth, back and forth.
But being that a couple of you have gone
without BOTH on the mission field, and you
highly prefer plumbing,
I will trust your judgement and go with that,
I guess.
But I do love me some air conditioning,
let that be known.

Oh, and don't forget...just because
you have plumbing, doesn't mean you have
HOT water.
No electricity makes that hard, ya know?

It's such a quandary, really.
Heaven help us if we ever have to do without
either one.

Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled, we ARE.

2. As much as I love me some steak,
I think I would vote for chicken.
Like Cari said,
chicken is much more versatile.
I do love me some steak.

3. As controlling as I am.
And believe me, I am.
I really prefer to be the passenger.
But don't think for one second
that I don't take my backseat driver
responsibilities very seriously.
Ask my husband.
I will make all attempts to control the
while riding peacefully in the
passenger seat.
Oh, how he loves that so much.

Ok, ya'll...I gotta get started on my
Have a most lovely Tuesday!

1 comment:

Karin said...

bahahaha...DEFINITELY PLUMBING. Trust me, girl. Just had the fun of having neither after the hurricane and it's a lot easier to use candles than it is to find a place to um...go poopoo.

And I like driving because I get carsick. :)

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