Thursday, May 3, 2012

much peril!

What peril the last 24 hours have brought!

Wanda (Leonard)
(who turns out was a male, as I slightly suspected),
and his pal, Hal,
were viciously attacked by our other
baby roosters,
who were clearly jealous of them.

We knew this rooster/hen ratio would
eventually be a problem,
but had no idea we needed to worry
about it now.

So, we lost our two prettiest
I am so heart

We will miss you, Hal and Leonard!

And as for the attack roosters,
make note of this:
You WILL be Sunday supper.

In much better news,
Brenden arrived home for the summer yesterday!
Along with a trailer full of stuff.

more peril.

Our septic tank backed up and
half of our basement was saturated with
I have no words.

Poor Brenden.
Half his room was completely flooded
with poop-juice, as he called it.
So, we moved everything OUT
and ripped up all the carpet.
And he will be sleeping in our school room
until we get it all fixed.

And that's all I have to say today.


quilt'n-mama said...

Oh friend... I hope the chicken tastes good at least! When I was little I got attacked by one of my grandma's roosters. I remember my great uncle going after him and having him for supper!

Sorry about the poop-juice... yuck! I guess on the bright side, you get to pick out new carpet?

Hope the rest of you week improves friend!

Adrian Roberta said...

Oh my word Lori!!! I am so sorry to hear about the back up. As Country dwellers...we too know that is part of life out here....but it is HORRIBLE to have it happen. *ugh* bring on the Bleach!

excuse me while I call our guy to get pumped.....this post has me paranoid

connie said...

I am so sorry, Lori! I've been praying all morning that this would have a good outcome.! Love you!!!!

David and Janet Hurley said...

Eeeewww, I am sorry. It scares me to be on a septic tank!
At least Brenden is home (and can help clean up;) )

Debby said...

Sorry about the roosters,,,but YUMMM Fried chicken this weekend!!

Hide Breden's car keys so he doesn't head back to school after seeing the (un)welcome mat you laid out for him....

Jean said...

Ack! You poor thing...
The sewage back up is horrible but then to find out Wanda is Leonard and well now she/ he has been attacked and well she is no longer with us now... oh man I'm so sorry!

And then trailer of stuff... welcome home Brendan!

Holly said...

When I was a kid, almost always when my mom was getting ready for weekend company the septic would back up. Hasn't happened since her four kids left home. Maybe it's Brendan's fault? :P

Angie said...

Welcome home, Brenden...kind of...:)

Chris said...

Chickens are plain nasty...fatten the attack roosters up first or all you will have is flavored broth!

EWWW about the poop juice! Do all workers have Hep A shots? Sorry I'm paranoid about such things

Sarah Elizabeth said...

............Bahahahahahaha! Poop juice. Hahaha. Looks like I'm not coming over for a while!

lol. But on a more sympathetic note, that really sucks and I hope it's all better soon!

Holly said...

Oh dear, dear, dear. I have no words either. : (

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