Wednesday, May 2, 2012

colorful tootsies!

My toenail


What color are YOU sporting today?

If you send me a pic
of your
colorful tootsies,
I'll post it here!

Fun fun!

Oh my gr

Here are my friend Rachel's toes.
Proudly posed with h
er bottle of vanilla
that she bought
from me.
(I suspect she's been dipping into it)

Thanks, Rachel!
You're toes are some of the loveliest I've seen!
Oh, and you're a nut.
Love you!

Vickie's toes!
And my goodness, such fancy feet!

Renee's colorful toes!
Love the variety.

Jean's tootsies!

Jo's toes!

Thank you for participating in this
blog post about feet!

I won't lie to you though...
I was quickly reminded of why I
hated doing pedicures when I worked
in a salon.

Feet are just so...feety.


Robin said...

Silvery white for me. No pictures though, I did a lousy job :).

Angie said...

I have purple...but no picture. They're all peeling!

Michele in GA said...

My new favorite....Navy.

Anonymous said...

I have such ugly toes I could never ever post a pic of them! :

Bright red today, though.

Chris said...

Ugly toes here too! Not even any color. I did buy flip flops...first dressy pair ever!

Lyn said...

You'd lose all your readers if you posted my toes I'm afraid!

Jean said...

Look for my email and my toenail attachment!

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