Friday, April 20, 2012

a daddy and his girls {dancin'!}

Tonight at our church was a
Daughter~Daughter Dance!

Lucy was SO. EXCITED.
She wanted to start getting ready around noon.
She's going to be such a delightful
I just can hardly wait.

But doesn't she look precious!

I hate that I cut K-man's head off 
(been wanting to do that for years, actually)
(Love me some K-Man!),
but what a darling pic of the girls!

K really loves his girlies, I tell you what.

As of this posting,
they're still at the dance and I haven't heard
one peep from them.

So I'm assuming that means they're having a blast!


Karin said...

awww....that is precious. Hope they have a great time!

Holly said...

Precious! Blessed girls, blessed daddy. : )

Shonni said...

What cute pictures!!!

Rachel said...


Chris said...

Can see who is wrapped around some feminine fingers...

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