Sunday, April 22, 2012

sunday on our homestead

Wanda makes my heart so happy!

So do my other hens.

And oh, how I just love weekends in the spring!
I want nothing more than to
throw on some old work clothes, dig in the dirt
and play outside all the live-long day.

I got to break in our new weed-eater.
And it's not just any weed-eater, it's got a big bad blade on it.
I whacked through a ton of brush and small trees.
And only lost three toes.

I'm sorry, but I think I look adorable.
And completely out of my element.
Wasn't K-Man so kind to play photographer?
He's adorable too.

Isaiah just couldn't help himself.
He had to try to itty-bitty radishes.

And then some onions.
Oh, how we learn from our mistakes.

Is that not the most pitifully fake smile you've ever seen?

I hope the weekend on your homestead
(or cul-de-sac)
was productive and glorious, too!


Acceptance with Joy said...

Spent all day in my greenhouse! It's bursting at the seams... I kind of over did it in the planting of the seeds department. I only have 300 plus TOMATO plants. ALL varieties. Now they need to be in nice big pots and I can't even find that many.

Janet and Kevin said...

Yes, you looked adorable weed-eating around your yard. And your little guy was thoroughly cute eating his "tasty" treat!

We had a great weekend around here, too. But from the pictures it looks like not as much fun as you all had! :)

janet and gang

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