Tuesday, April 17, 2012

helen and me

Here is a real-life conversation I just had
with one of my hens (we'll call her Helen):

"Oh honey, I'm so sorry I am taking your
eggs from you!"

(This is a daily conversation with Helen, by the way)

To which she replied with a sharp
peck on my hand,
which didn't hurt but startled me because Helen
isn't usually quite this spunky.

My immediate reaction was to,
drop the dang egg.

To which I said to Helen,
"Well, are you happy now? I just busted your baby."

Yes, this is exactly what was said.
Out loud.
Between Helen the hen and me.

The End.


Angie said...

I'm OK with this whole conversation...as long as Helen didn't talk back!

Debbie Sauer said...

The picture of the bread on your blog makes me so hungry! Blessings

Holly said...

Hahahahaha! : )

Tesseraemum said...

How do you like that Helen? I dropped your baby..the one I was taking right inside to EAT!!
Poor Poor Helen!!

Jo's Corner said...

aww, sweet Helen! Now, if that were me having that conversation (and I would!), I would be bawling about that broken egg. I move worms from under my car tires so I don't run over them. And, last summer, I picked up a teeny tiny dead mouse off the HOT concrete and moved it to the trash. With a napkin and at the local grocery store parking lot, mind you. I just cannot injured animals! I'm pretty sure it goes back to an egg incident at age 4 years. I found a beautiful blue egg on the ground under a tree in my front yard. I very carefully carried it into our house and showed it to my nanny. She was so sweet! She told me that if I kept it warm, it might hatch. I listened to her and took it into the bathroom, where I ran very hot water in the sink. I gently slipped the egg into the hot water and it CRACKED!! Inside was a tiny baby bird! I screamed and she came running. To say the least, I was one devastated little girl. She rocked me and sang hymns and prayed with me and then we had a "funeral" in the backyard. Oh, the things that children remember. That has stayed with me for 50 years! And, That, my Friend... is the Rest of the Story! : )
Love You and love your blogging! Always, everyday, you make me smile! Thanks! ~ Jo
P.S. I've closed my FB account, so keep up with me on my blog!

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