Thursday, April 26, 2012

archie bunker's chair

Brenden just texted me this picture:

He joyfully exclaimed that he acquired Archie Bunker's chair.


For free?

How could that possibly be?


And next week at this time,
he and his chair will be back home for the summer.



Jean said...

Keep smilin cuz he'll be bringin a lot more home than just that chair!

Knowing you and how much you love your boy (despite the all the other garbage he will bring with him)- I am guessing you REALLY are smiling!

Cari said...

what's scary is that we used to have a chair just like this {same color too} when we first got married almost 19 years ago....hey maybe it's the same chair...yikes! :)

Tesseraemum said...

Bless his heart! You have trained him well in the frugal dept. Either that or the man is coming out in him!
Do you have room in your new garage kitchen for his treasure?!!

Rachel said...

Did he rob the Smithsonian?!

megadog said...

OOOH! Not sure how I feel about that chair. I suggest a DEEEEP CLEAN! Ha ha! Enjoy having your boy home!

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