Friday, March 2, 2012

sweet and spicy

I have been a black and/or green tea girl for the
duration of my life.

Until now.

My friend Mary served me some incredible different tea at her house
the other day.

I went out immediately and bought some of my own.

With a little cream added to it,
it is simply the most delicious afternoon treat!

Sweet and Spicy.

I'm adding this little gem to my list of Favorite Things.
(I just started that list today)
(It's about time, I'd say)

Walmart even carries it,
which is nice since I don't seem to know how to drive
to any other store on most days.

Oh, but I get the caffeinated kind.

I need caffeine.
I heart caffeine.
I desire caffeine.
Caffeine is my friend.

Tell me about your tea preferences.
Apparently there's a world of possibilities out there.
I need to know them.


Anonymous said...

For hot tea, I grew up with Constant Comment in our house--it's my dad's favorite, and I love it. They apparently have a green tea version, but I haven't tried it yet. I also like Earl Grey. Not very unique choices, probably, but that's what keeps us going around here (besides hot chocolate, of course!). What's funny is that I can drink my iced tea either southern sweet or just a little sweet (and like the raspberry and white tea with peach versions), but I have to have my hot tea sweet.

Liz Tolsma said...

I love vanilla tea. Sooo yummy. I also have gotten into loose leaf tea. Rooibus chai is delicious. Love lavender. Right now, I'm totally into orange. What a treat. I'll have to look for that sweet and spicy. Sounds good!

Healy Family said...

my two very favorites are by Stash - Chocolate Hazelnut (hot or cold, with milk and sugar - tastes similar to the chocolate "ni cha" I got in Taiwan) and also their Coconut Mango (hot with milk and sugar) - also reminds me of Taiwan. Ukraine had a Blue Superfruit (by Lipton but not available in the States) that was delicious too. I LOVE TEA!

Healy Family said...

and I like "anonymous" comment - I am just the opposite: i love hot tea non sweet but can hardly choke down iced tea unless it's really sweet. i was born in San Antonio so I think loving sweet tea is some kind of genetic thing.

Patty said...

Tea? Bleck. Gross. I guess we don't love all things equal. But, I'll share a bizarro family tradition (obviously not ME but all of my extended family). They love to drink tea at Chinese restaurants with Soy Sauce in it. Yes, they pass the tea pot and then they all pass the soy sauce and pour it in the tea....and they all claim it's their favorite. I refuse to try it. No wonder they disowned me! ha!

Anonymous said...

Love me some tea! One of my favs: Genmaicha (Japanese green tea with toasted and popped rice) Yum, but I don't think you'll find it at Walmart :( Laura

Chad and Kristy said...

I know this so un-southern of me but.....

I HATE TEA!!!!!!!!!!

I want to like it, I have tried to like it.... but I don't!

I am a coffee gal:)

I could drink it by the gallon!

Madeleine said...

White tea. <3 And peppermint. OH! and Chai. And pomegranet. I get my teas at Trader Joe's.

I also have the geens/earls/black/breakfast for all my caffeine-crazy friends. But I hardly ever drink those.

Matilda Joyce said...

I love love love Tazo Calm tea, which is herbal.

Anonymous said...

Stash black peach and Tazo white apricot as well as pineapple tea from Hawaii

Toni said...

You have discovered my favorite tea! The caffeinated version tastes better than the decaf one, and it makes the most amazing iced tea you have ever tried! Have you ever been to Seattle? There is a very similar tea sold at the Pikes Place Market (thing fish throwers in Sleepless in Seattle) that is super delish too. Check it out at

The first time I went to China I also got hooked on Jasmine Tea. Good Earth, the same company who makes your new favorite, has a really good Jasmine tea. They used to have restaurants on the West coast, but I think they are all closed now. That's where I first got hooked on the sweet and spicy tea.

Matt and Maria said...

One of my favorites too- caff or decaf, Sweet and Spicy doesn't even need sugar, and I'm a sugar addict. PG Tips, a British brand- kind of the common everyday tea there- is my favorite for putting sugar into and getting my daily caffeine. It is very strong plain tea.

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