Saturday, March 10, 2012

one exciting sprout post

Please allow me to apologize in advance for this
post not being nearly as thrill-filled
as most sprout posts you're used to reading.

But I will do my best to live up to your comedic sprouting post standards.

So if you watched my last video...and you are still hanging out
here at my blog,
I thank you.

What a trooper you are!

As I said in the video,
I was quite put off by having to sterilize my jars.
I'm the kind of gal who,

I also have read too many stories of sprouts-gone-oh-so-wrong,
that I knew I needed to take just a few darn minutes
and do it up right.

Here is a picture of my sterilized jars.

Can't stand the excitement?

Hold on.

There's more.

Then I put a tablespoon of broccoli seeds in with
some water.

After about 8 hours I drained the water out,
put more water in...swished it all about...then drained all the water out.

Then let it set there and think about life for a while.

Eight or so hours later,
we repeated the process.

This went on for about three days until my seeds
decided it was time to take life by the horns and make something
of themselves.

Little sprouts everywhere.
My heart danced with excitement.
All my sprouting dreams were fulfilled that very day.

They grew even bigger and got a new home in the fridge.

And they were invited to many lunches and dinners,
sometimes in very stealthy ways as to not make a fuss with
the consumers.

It occurred to me that if each seed represented an entire
broccoli plant,
and I had about 50+ sprouted seeds on my sandwich...
surely I was eating my weight in heads of broccoli all in one sitting.

my math/physicals major college boy squashed that idea.

Poo-poo on him.

What does he know, anyway.

That's the end of this adventurous sprouting blog post.

I do hope you have been inspired to greatness.

You are welcome.


Susan A said...

sprouts comes from broccoli seeds? didn't know that :)

and I love your humorous posts :)

Debby said...

Good for you....eating all of those "sprouts"

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