Wednesday, March 7, 2012

be a test kitchen?

I've got some exciting stuff here, guys.

Pay close attention.

First of all,
I've got a new batch of vanilla ready!
I hope to bottle it up within the next week.

I'm taking pre-orders now.

$18 for an 8 oz. bottle
(plus shipping)
If you are local, no shipping fees apply.

Please EMAIL me if you would like me to reserve a bottle for you!
(We will work out payment via Paypal once I have
it all bottled and ready)

as my little tiny grain milling and bread baking business continues,
I am launching a new idea.

Bread mixes!!
Made with FRESHLY milled grains.

But what I need right now,
is a few of YOU who would be willing to test a mix
in your very own kitchen.

Here's what I ask of you:

1. For you to be willing to bake a loaf of bread
with the mix that I will mail you, within a day or two
upon receiving it.
(You will need to add your own butter, honey, yeast & water)

2. That you will be willing to answer my questions
about how you like (or dislike) it, either by email or PHONE.

That's it!!

Ezekiel Bread Mix
Freshly milled wheat, rye, barley, millet,
beans, lentils, and flax seed.

So...if you can do those two things,
then please leave a comment if you'd like to be considered to be a test kitchen!

In your comment,
please tell me if you have a bread machine or not.
(It won't effect your chances)
Oh, and US residents only, please.

I will "randomly" choose three.

And again, please please please only enter if you can
fully comply with what I've asked.

I'm so excited!


Angie said...

Ooohhh...I'll try a bread mix and report back to you!

Audre said...

I would love to try your bread mix. You can email me at

Madeleine said...

I would definitely be willing to try.!! Specially since I do not have my own mill yet, I am looking for such a service. ;)

Rachel said...

heeheehee...bring it on! How fun!!

quilt'n-mama said...

I would love to be a test kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up on the test kitchen list!


Stacey said...

Sounds fabulous! I'll bake and eat it for you.

Karen said...

I would enjoy testing out your bread. I do not have a bread machine either. I am assuming you will have directions on what to do on the bag????? I am clueless without them, but I can make a mean roll (with a recipe of course:-)

Mom/Gramma said...

Oooooo - pick me! Pick me! I will mix, bake, eat AND clean up! Oh, and I'm a very honest commenter. :)

Tesseraemum said...


I do have a bread machine but I can do it either way.
I'll even take pictures!

Anonymous said...

I would love to bake the millet bread! I do not have a bread maker so, would use the oven. I hgave been very curious to try millet bread and this sounds like a great opportunity!

Dina K.

Jenn said...

I would LOVE LOVE to try a bread mix! I love fresh bread and would love to try yours! I am always so bummed I am not close to buy some from you! It looks so yummy!

Jenn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenn said...

oh and I have no bread maker, lost it in a flood a few years back. Sadly have not made fresh bread since :(

Donna said...

I'd LOVE to try your bread mix - and I have a bread machine!!! :D

Trish said...

How do you have time to post so much??? I'm so far behind, the chicks are soooo super cute! Why is it I had no idea you homeschooled? I try to school year round otherwise I don't think I'd start back up again in the fall, ugh. I'd love to try the bread, I don't have a bread maker either.

Holly said...

I would love to be a test kitchen too! I have been planning to start making my own bread, and this would be a nice motivation for me. : ) I do have a bread machine.

Desiree' said...

I am recently back to eating wheat after 3 years and my family thanks me :) So i would love to try your bread. I do not have a bread machine.

McNew Family said...

Lori, I would love to test out your bread mix - we make ours all the time! I can do it in the machine or not. Sounds yummy!!!

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