Friday, February 17, 2012

stretchy pants with friends

Oh my goodness.

Would you look at this?

Red Velvet Pancakes.

My friend Rachel sent me the recipe.

Because that's what friends do.
Send delicious ways to add to the junk
in the already full trunk.

GO HERE for the recipe.

We're in this together.
So if we all eat such things, we'll all be comfortable
in our stretchy pants together.

Ready, set, go!

Let me know if you try this recipe,
okie dokie?

Also, what's on your agenda for the weekend?
Trip to Maui?
Going to the movies?
Romantic dinners?
Wine and cheese luncheons?
Trip to Maui?

I love to hear your plans!


Karin said...

I am never going to make that recipe because I already have too much junk in the trunk (and the hood), so I will just enjoy the pictures. :) Oh...and yeah...going to Maui. bwahahahahaha. I wish.

quilt'n-mama said...

No maui this weekend... It does sound nice though:) We have another gymnastics meet instead:)
Have a great weekend... Hmmmm... Maybe I should try this recipe for lunch today... does that count as a wholesome meal???? They look awesome!

Mom2Six said...

With 6 kids, who has time to make anything from scratch!?!?! If it doesn't come out of a box or can't be nuked in the microwave - we don't eat it! JK (mostly)

As for weekend plans, baseball practice, basketball game, church, basketball game, taxes, and making a stepping stone with my littlest that I was supposed to do last weekend.

Angie said...

We're off to Branson!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing much, just hanging out...anyway that recipe looks good!

Sandy said...

Thank you for the recipe!! Have to try these. Love all things red velvet.

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