Wednesday, January 11, 2012

wednesday nights {what do you do?}

Aww, it's Wednesday.

Which for us,
that means things will get crazy-busy later as
we cram in dinner, then rush out to take the kiddos to church.

When I was a kid,
we went to church three times a week.
Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night.

Sadly, Sunday night services seem to be a thing of the past.

And even Wednesday nights aren't quite what they used to be.
Schools used to not schedule any activities because
it was set aside for family time (including church).

But nowadays,
that is quickly changing.

Lucy going to her first night of Awana
over a year ago.
She has LOVED it ever since then.

So, what do you guys do on Wednesday nights?

Missionettes - Royal Rangers?
Youth group?

Do you still have service for adults?

Whatever you do,
be blessed, and be a blessing!!


Tracy said...

I wish our church still had Wednesday night services for the adults but they dont. I miss it.:(

Jodi said...

I agree - it is sad how many church services have been cancelled- I was thinking the other day that it is sad when at the end of sunday morning service a farewell greeting of "have a great week" is said. Shouldn't "see you tonight" or "see you Wednesday" be said instead of just implying "your off the hook til next sunday." hmmmm -
anywhoooo, thankfully I have hooked up with some friends in town at another church who are doing The Created to Connect Bible Study from Karyn Purvis' book "The Connected Child" Such a wonderful study!
We did skip AWANA this year, but may have to pick it up again next year! Love AWANA!!!

Joy said...

We have church supper and then the little girls go to choir. The church has prayer meeting but I can't go because of the boys. Neither are ready for child care. :-( There is a church sort of near by that has AWANA and I've considering taking the little girls to that instead. Maybe next school year...

Anonymous said...

Yep, Wednesdays are busy around here, as well. My kids (high schoolers) lead the younger youth group (middle schoolers) and then go to the high school youth group after that. There are occasionally adult classes offered, but sadly they're not always well-attended. My husband and I are looking forward to the Dave Ramsey class beginning tonight.

Madeleine said...

We go to a little southern baptist lost in the shuffle of the northeast. I love it.

I teach the high school girls Acteens mission class. They have mission classes for all ages. Elena loves her mission friends class.

For adults they have a Christian book study or prayer meeting. Before classes they have children's choir practice and after classes they have adult choir practice. We could be there for hours if we did both ends. But alas, we just do the children's & mission class.

I wish we had an awana group around here. My friends who are from the south LOVE it. The closest one is 1/2 hour away, but it is closed because they limit it to a certain number. And they have a waiting list as long as the parking lot. :P Bummer.

Tina said...

OUr church still has full fledge church! It's awesome. You can even go online and watch it at
Not sure if you have ever seen a pentecostal church service but it is pretty active ;)

Wednesdays are crazy around here in the afternoon/evening also. If everyone doesn't get a good supper they are begging for the drive-thru on the way home. So we eat quick and head out the door! I coach our bible quizzers from 6:30 to 7:30 then we join in on the church service which started at 7:00.

Anonymous said...

Wed . are busy here .. as soon as we grab a quick dinner , it is out the door to church . We travel 40 min. to church but so worth it.. Wed the church has activities for all , Bethany has youth group , Katie , Camie go to Pioneer Girls , I teach the 4 , 5 year old pioneer girls , Bob can go to 1 of a few classes .. something to interest everyone . A busy night but so wonderful to be part of a thriving church , esp . on Long Island , where it is not the norm . Have a great night ! !

TanyaLea said...

It definitely saddens me to see school activities have lost respect for church/family time. Basketball tourneys are often on the weekend, and both days at that. It's NOT okay with me. Sadly, our coach is not saved and I doubt the even attend church, so he has no issues with picking Sundays, though I have voiced my opinion a few times now!

Anyway, Wed nights are busy here, too. Youth group for us. I was in Missionettes when I was younger though, and some WONDERFUL memories of my childhood and the amazing leader we all called "grandma" that led us! She was amazing!

So glad to see other families that have their priorities in line. Such a beautiful photo!

Happy Wednesday!!


Chris said...

Every other Wed night we either have prayer meeting or another service. Right now we are having Winter Bible school. The adult speaker had the subject of "supporting Foster and Adoptive Parents" I was very interested...but by the time he referred to "those children" the third time...and "those children and the other nice children"
I almost had to stand up and say my piece...something a Mennonite lady NEVER does.
Wish he would have kept his ignorance to himself...
Boy I whine a lot lately!

Doug said...

Our (Southern Baptist) church is probably one of the few in town that still has a Sunday night service. On Wednesdays, the girls go to choir practice and GAs, Zane has Youth Bible Study and I have choir practice. Wednesdays are always crazy busy but welcomed in the midst of an even crazier work/school week.

Colleen said...

Our small Baptist church still has church every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night. We have Awana for the kids on Sunday evenings, with a Bible study for adults. Wednesday evenings we have prayer meeting and another Bible study, along with youth group for the teens. We've been so blessed there!

Karin said...

Our church has Sunday night classes for kids and adults and nothing on Wed. I guess no one was coming because school activities and sports kept them away. Since we live in New England (in one of the 5 least Christian states in the US) I am just happy to have a good church!

Holly said...

We do go to church on Wednesday! I am thankful our church still has services Sunday morning, night and Wednesday. : ) However...Wednesday is my least favorite day of the week because of all the cramming everything in before church. Not that I don't love the service. I do. But I still hate the DAY.

Beth said...

We have AWANA on Weds. DH and I are Cubbie leaders.

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