Monday, January 9, 2012

wanna-be cowboy

I will do the drawing for the
Show Hope t-shirt giveaway
later today,
so you still have time to get in on it!

Read HERE to find out more.

And in the meantime, for your viewing pleasure,
here is our resident polar bear, Z
The one for whom we are putting the gate up to keep him on
our property.
Otherwise he wanders off in order to coral all the cattle
in our surrounding area,
that aren't ours.
Farmers don't like that.

And we WILL be adding a fence to connect to the gate,
you sillies.

the wanna-be cowboy.

Have a great Monday, guys!


Tesseraemum said...

What a good dog! Doing what he does best!
Before the fence is done tell Zeke to round up a steak for dinner!! Sheri

Karin said...

There are probably a lot of cool babes out there barking his name. He just can't help but go find out where they are.

Acceptance with Joy said...

All that work for a dog?

He must be a keeper :-)

I was hoping you thought about the fact that you needed a fence to connect to the gate.

You guys are funny!

Anonymous said...

Get him a couple of goats to take care of. He will be happy and stay home. Plus they will help with lawn maintenance... And lots of benefits to goats milk!!!

Vicky said...

You are taking all his fun away!

Chris said...

So putting in an underground fence didn't appeal to the tractor type guys in your house? Yeah, well the dog would probably not even notice the shocking collar if he did have it on.
Goats sound like a good idea, then you can make cheese too!

Anonymous said...

There's a guy or two from my old life
I'd like to put a "shock" collar on, and not just around his neck!!!...Love how you care enough to take care of your dog, and your kids.
Also love your sense of 65 I really do have one too. Take care and Happy Upcoming Chinese New Year.
mm, vancouver, wa.

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