Thursday, January 26, 2012

lolly's advice-of-the-day (part one)

Lolly's Advice, Part One
Sarcasm will be present in this post.
Put on your sense of humor hat and sit back and enjoy.

Diane said...

As a 40-something single mom of 4 adopted kids, how do I respond to my mom when she expresses disapproval when I accept a new foster baby? I know she is worried about me taking care of myself, my kids, and my existing commitments, but it is so hard to fear and then hear her worries and admonitions.

Dear Diane,
Umm, errr, well, ummm... You're single? And you have four already? And you're taking a foster baby? You're a WAY better woman than me. I am leaning towards you're mama on this one, so sorry. I got nutty when my hubby works late and I have to try to minimize the level of craziness at the dinner table, in his absence. I go from, "STOP IT RIGHT NOW OR YOU'RE GOING TO BED RIGHT AFTER DINNER!!" to...."Oh, you're throwing your peas at your sister? Whatever. I don't even care."
So. If you can handle it, go for it! Foster care is so desperately needed! But, don't do more than you were called to do. Oh and make sure you read the book, Kisses from Katie. It will inspire you and make you realize that ALL that you're doing, ain't nothin' compared to Katie. And you'll either press on...or, throw in the towel completely.



Ironsan said...

My husband is always losing things. And the he is always looking for things..... with his mouth. You know..... "where is this?", "where is that?". I hate helping to look for his things. It is a daily event and even though I usually know where the stuff is without looking, it bugs me. How can I get him to look with eyes and not just his mouth?

Dear Ironsan,

Umm, errr, well...are you new in this marriage thing? Because ummm, that sort of thing just isn't going to get any better. A man is incapable of seeing his hand in front of his face. So, just buck up and be his little helper. He needs you. It's just easier that way than trying to fix him. Trust me. Make him as dependable on you as you can. Then, the controlling is much easier.

Gee, I sound like a socialist president I know of.

Love, Lolly (the staunch conservative, in politics only)

Part Two will be posted later today.

Trust me, you want to come back for Part Two.



You are so funny!
I have a question:
Why is it that some people give blunt advice?

Diane said...

Dear Lolly,
I just finished Kisses from Katie last week!!! Maybe that's why the foster baby seemed so doable?

Karin said...

bahaha...I love the last one. :) And hey...nice blog header!!

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