Tuesday, January 17, 2012

bee in my bonnet


So, I regretfully don't have any pics for you
with today's events of
shopping for a new coat for Isaiah.

It was quite a day.

I had previously looked at Walmart and they were not marked down.
I just wasn't willing to buy a winter coat at this time of year
and not have it marked down significantly.

totally out of coats.
No joke.

But I did score a Starbuck's coffee.
But that's neither here, nor there.

And then,
the events turned suddenly after we finally came home with
a $12.98 coat.
Thank you very much, Sam's Club.

He proudly showed everyone at home his new prized
possession...only for Eli to proceed to
show Isaiah that his old coat was IN THEIR CLOSET.

Can you say,

Lesson learned:
English communication is good.
I wish we had more of it...
In our country,
and in our home.



And for now, I choose to say no more about this matter.


Angie said...

So who got hung up by their toes first???? Maybe he can wear the coat next year...maybe?

Faye Verquer said...

Gotta love those kids!!! That is so funny! Sorry Lori, yep Im laughing at your expense but man I needed that laugh!

Onto another day waiting to hear all about your kids!!!

Emily W said...

Hahaha! I just love your family!

Matilda Joyce said...

You make me laugh daily, and sometimes even more often!!!! Thank God his new coat was so inexpensive!

David and Janet Hurley said...

ENGLISH--yes, we would love more of it at our house too. I can only imagine what evil plots are being brewed in my Chinese speaker's conversations.

Tesseraemum said...

That is CLASSIC!
Gotta love it! If it had been one of the girls I would have totally thought they hid it to score a new coat but boys don't think that way!!!

Holly said...

LOLOLOL!!! : ) BUT, at least no one mentioned his black eye!

Sally-Girl! said...

12.98 is a score!!! hope the black eye is looking better in his new coat!

Robin said...

Ugh... Now you've got a spare for next time?

Vicky said...

Oh my . . . that sounds very much like my kind of day!

Debby said...

Does it make you feel better that sone of us have been there & now we can look back & laugh with you??

Hope today starts anew.......

Madeleine said...

UGH! SAME THING happened to me!! Samuel lost his jacket, and when I FINALLY thought, I do not want DYFS taking my kid away because he has not jacket, I broke down and bought a new one.

Only to find his other one IN HIS CLOSET after he wore the new one once.

I wanted to shoot someone in the foot.

Even if it was just a nerf gun.

And for the record. We ALL speak English in this house. :P

I feel your pain woman. It is not the 12 bucks as much as the PRINCIPLE of the thing.

( I have to admit though, I LAUGHED when I read this. You, too will laugh one day soon)

Anonymous said...

Have to admit I laughed , it just sounds like something that would happen in our house ... but on the bright side you did get a bargain ! Judy

Jean said...

haha- so sorry! Now are you going to buy Eli another jacket because ya know it's not fair now! Isaiah has 2 and Eli doesn't...

For that matter I think Lucy needs another one, too!

And Macy!

I know... Ima trouble maker!

At least it was a deal!!

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