Sunday, December 18, 2011

reality blogging

Weekends around here are either:

A. Exciting-packed-full-of-productivity.
B. Lazy-daisy-easy-peasy.

This weekend has been Option A.

I love Option-A weekends.
Mainly because I can't stand people sitting around my house
doing nothing.
Unless it's me doing the sitting around doing nothing.

let's take a look at what's happened, thus far.


This is the result of leaving six kids and a can of snow at home while parents
go Christmas shopping.

You should see my bathroom mirrors.


My big boys were instructed to dig a hole.
A fence post hole, to be exact.

So they did.

As the situation received further assessment,
it was decided by the committee that they would just use the hole to send
the children back to China.

Further assessment gave them a change of heart.

Then we went to a gun show.

Then Isaiah was being all-boy by kicking the little gnats flying around.

Praise the Lord!

Then Brenden caught a ride on K-Man's sexy tractor (that's what he calls it).
Sexy Rhoda Kabota.

Then we had a family meeting about whether we needed to go to the car wash or not.

Then we went to the car wash.

The End.

I do hope you'll tune in next week for more reality blogging.


Jennifer said...

I love your reality blogging! :) The picture of Isaiah in the hole is a hoot! :)

Acceptance with Joy said...

lol. you are always so funny. I enjoy your reality.... mine? I have teenage girls, not teenage boys. They are separate species......

Debby said...

LOL...Love it....Next time you got to China...use the portal / hole in the yard.....

Natalie said...

If only I could figure out a way to get everyone else to go with option A while I go with option B. I think I'd call that option C - perfection! :-)

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